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Wine Tasting Room Tips

Newbie to natural: My education in wine tasting

Lisa Carpenter | Posted 06.07.2016 | Travel
Lisa Carpenter

Up until a couple weeks ago, I had never been to a wine tasting. As a relatively new wine drinker — 7&7s, margaritas, and martinis my longtime cockt...

How To Taste Sparkling Wine Like A Pro

Menuism | Posted 09.15.2014 | Taste

You'll want to brush up on the basics, thereby ensuring that any bad behavior only comes out after a few glasses.

5 Facts About Blended Wines for Beginners

Ross Szabo | Posted 11.06.2012 | Taste
Ross Szabo

In my last piece I called blended wines the ice cream sundae of all of my favorite grapes. Blends are some of the most complex and interesting types of wine. I've changed from avoiding blends to seeking out the best types.

Debunking 5 Common Wine Myths

Ross Szabo | Posted 10.29.2012 | Taste
Ross Szabo

It seems just about everyone I meet has a variety of opinions about wine. I never know what to believe. Should I stick to Paul Giamatti's advice and not drink Merlot? Are blended wines just a mix of what's left over? There are a lot of myths.

A Fun Way to Discover Wine Aromas With Items Already in Your Kitchen

Ross Szabo | Posted 09.23.2012 | Home
Ross Szabo

When tasting in the past, everyone's nose seemed better than mine, like they had an inside secret I would never know. I felt like I had some kind of impairment that would never be cured.

Wine Etiquette FAQs: The Wine Tasting Edition

Menuism | Posted 03.26.2012 | Home

This second edition in the Wine Etiquette FAQ series is all about the rules of the game when sipping vino at wine tasting events.

The Woman Behind the Wine

Jordana Zizmor | Posted 01.21.2012 | Home
Jordana Zizmor

With the launch of Bellus Wines, I thought it would be relevant to interview sommelier Jordan Salcito. She created Bellus because there was a need for a quality, affordable wine that was not intimidating to buy or enjoy.

Ten Winery Tasting Room Tips

Trent Preszler | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
Trent Preszler

Autumn is a great time of year to visit wineries because they're bustling with activity. During this season, workers are harvesting grapes and many as...