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Time For Burma To Be Open To All Burmese

Abdul Malik Mujahid | Posted 04.06.2016 | Home
Abdul Malik Mujahid

An official implies members of an entire religion don't deserve full rights. And a celebrated champion of the people remains silent as many of those people are persecuted. The circumstances sound like Nazi Germany but they describe today's Burma.

Playing the Extremist Card

Mehrunisa Qayyum | Posted 07.10.2016 | Impact
Mehrunisa Qayyum

As the U.S. spends over $16.6 billion each year on counter-terrorism efforts, it is no surprise that the latest culprit (former Congressional candidate, Robert R. Doggart) was intercepted before carrying out an attack on U.S. soil (a mosque near Hancock, New York).

Mad Monks: Wirathu, Sri Lanka, and Diverting Democracy in Burma

Jack Healey | Posted 12.02.2014 | Impact
Jack Healey

Human rights are for all, and Burma's freedoms have been long fought for both inside the country and internationally that sought to increase freedoms and not to merely switch roles in a game of oppression. Let us move forward for human rights for all and to realizing the dream of the UDHR.

Burma is at a Crossroads? Again?

Jack Healey | Posted 04.27.2014 | Impact
Jack Healey

That there has been major change happening is certainly true. But much more needs to be done, and as quickly as possible in some areas. The very nature of human rights suggests (or certainly should suggest) that they are universal and irrevocable.

Buddhist Monk Wirathu Leads Violent National Campaign Against Myanmar's Muslims

Burma Journal | Posted 08.25.2013 | Home
Burma Journal

By Tin Aung Kyaw Buddhist monk Ashin Wirathu in Mandalay, Myanmar on June 21, 2013. (Htoo Tay Zar/GlobalPost) MANDALAY, Myanmar — The Buddhist mon...