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Rogue Agency's Agent Investigated in Wolf Killing

Kieran Suckling | Posted 06.09.2013 | Green
Kieran Suckling

The Southwest's endangered Mexican gray wolves -- with just three breeding pairs left in the wild -- are hanging on by a thread. The last thing they need is one of their own gunned down by an employee of the government that's supposed to be nursing this wild population back to health.

A Rescue Plan for Mexican Gray Wolves

Jamie Rappaport Clark | Posted 05.28.2013 | Green
Jamie Rappaport Clark

Mexican gray wolves are an icon of the American southwest. The 15th anniversary of their initial release from captivity into the wild is an important time to reflect on how far these wolves have come.

52 Congressional Representatives Are Right to Call for Continued Protection of Wolves in Lower 48

Noah Greenwald | Posted 05.18.2013 | Green
Noah Greenwald

An estimated two million wolves once roamed freely across North America, including most of the United States. But bounties, a federal extermination program and human settlement drove the species to near extinction in most of the lower 48.

Alaska Biologists Kill 17 Wolves In 'Predator Control' Program

Alaska Dispatch News | Posted 05.07.2013 | Science
Alaska Dispatch News

An aerial predator control program that began Saturday is standing down after killing 17 wolves in four days in an area surrounding two Northern Inter...

DNA Helps Solve Curious Case Of Extinct Carnivore

Posted 03.05.2013 | Science

By: Charles Choi, LiveScience Contributor Published: 03/05/2013 11:40 AM EST on LiveScience The mystery surrounding the origin of a wolflike preda...

Man-Sized Wolf Struck And Killed By Car In State Considering Legalizing Hunting

Posted 02.11.2013 | Detroit

A photo of a man holding a wolf nearly his size after it was struck by a car and killed last month has got people talking, garnering more than 3,500 s...

Are We Listening to What Nature Is Howling At?

Dr. Michael Finkelstein | Posted 04.03.2013 | Healthy Living
Dr. Michael Finkelstein

In many cultures, the full moon in January is referred to as the Wolf Moon. As we think this through a bit more, we realize that the wolf is not howling at the moon but at his pack mates. This is their time for communication, when the earth rests still and their voices carry best.

DNA Study Helps Explain How Wolves Become Dogs

Posted 01.25.2013 | Science

By: Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience Senior Writer Published: 01/23/2013 01:10 PM EST on LiveScience Dogs may have become man's best friend thanks, i...

Master Guitarist John Sheldon Creates Memorial Song for Yellowstone Wolf 06

Zoe Helene | Posted 03.20.2013 | Green
Zoe Helene

With "Wolf 06," John Sheldon offers a memorial tribute that he hopes will bring attention to senseless wolf killings.

Court Takes Up Montana Wolf Question

AP | By MATTHEW BROWN | Posted 03.17.2013 | Green

LIVINGSTON, Mont. (AP) — Whether gray wolf hunting and trapping should continue outside the gates of Yellowstone National Park is in the hands of a ...

The Endangered Species Act: Preserving Wildlife, Wonder and Our Natural Heritage for 40 Years

Jamie Rappaport Clark | Posted 03.04.2013 | Green
Jamie Rappaport Clark

Let's put politics aside, as they did 40 years ago, and recommit to a strong and successful Endangered Species Act that saves this nation's imperiled wildlife and plant heritage once and for all.

Time to Stop Persecuting Wolves

Dr. Reese Halter | Posted 02.17.2013 | Green
Dr. Reese Halter

When I was a young boy, biologist Farley Mowat's book 'Never Cry Wolf' eloquently described nature and wolves - like the world had never known before....

What Does the Wolf Say?

Brenda Peterson | Posted 02.04.2013 | Green
Brenda Peterson

Why this violent return to barbaric policies that eradicated wolves from the lower 48 states and destroyed the balance of healthy ecosystems?

What Went Missing From the Presidential Campaign?

Jamie Rappaport Clark | Posted 01.07.2013 | Green
Jamie Rappaport Clark

The president has run his last campaign and it is my hope that, freed from the bonds of politics, he will be a more aggressive partner as we strive to protect our natural heritage.

PHOTOS: 12 Chilling Halloween Attractions

JustLuxe | Posted 12.25.2012 | Travel

Halloween is a pleasant occasion to search out unpleasantness.

Celebrating Joan Aiken's The Wolves of Willoughby Chase (Slideshow)

Monica Edinger | Posted 12.22.2012 | Books
Monica Edinger

A grand adventure with wonderfully spunky characters set in an alternate Victorian world, I reread The Wolves of Willoughby Chase recently and can say that it is as marvelous as ever.

Rocky Mountain National Park May Get Wolves Back

AP | DAN ELLIOTT | Posted 11.20.2012 | Denver

DENVER — An argument over whether wolves should be returned to Rocky Mountain National Park to reduce an overabundance of elk is moving to a fed...

Park Service Defends Refusal To Use Wolves To Control Elk Population

AP | DAN ELLIOTT | Posted 11.21.2012 | Denver

BOULDER, Colo. (AP) — The National Park Service acted properly when it ruled out using wolves to control the elk population in Rocky Mountain Nation...

Ranching With Wolves

Andrew Gunther | Posted 09.12.2012 | Home
Andrew Gunther

Most people still see "conservation" and "ranching" as two very separate, and often incompatible, objectives. But farms and ranches should coexist with event our most important native predator species.

Wolves Kill Keeper at Swedish Zoo

Tony Phillips | Posted 08.18.2012 | Weird News
Tony Phillips

Animals are very good at what they do or they wouldn't have made it through the process of natural selection, let alone the spread of humanity across the earth. If what an animal does is kill things, then unless it's a very small animal, I don't get close to it.

Famous Wandering Lone Wolf Has First Encounter With People

AP | JEFF BARNARD | Posted 07.10.2012 | Green

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) — A young male wolf from Oregon that has won worldwide fame while trekking across mountains, deserts and highways looking for...

Animal Rights, Sex Trafficking, LGBT Issues: 10 Petitions To Sign Right Now

Posted 05.09.2012 | Impact

We can’t help but to follow along closely as heartbreaking stories about young girls getting trafficked and gay Boy Scouts volunteers getting fired ...

Wolves Return to California: The Journey Ahead

Ken White | Posted 06.25.2012 | San Francisco
Ken White

What will it take for wolves to thrive here? What do wolves need to prosper? How will politics, agencies, ranchers, hunters and trappers, environmental activists and urban and suburban citizens affect whether wolves will flourish here?

Idaho Wolf Management Off the Rails

Noah Greenwald | Posted 06.10.2012 | Green
Noah Greenwald

Wolves in Idaho deserve better. After being nearly wiped out of the West, it's taken a national effort to return these incredible predators to the landscape.

A Lone Wolf's 7-Month, 2,000 Mile Search For Love

Reuters | Posted 06.06.2012 | Green

By Suzanne Hurt SACRAMENTO, Calif., April 6 (Reuters) - A male wolf that made headlines by becoming the first of its species in more t...