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Women in the Bible

Were the Disciples of Jesus Unschooled, Ordinary Men?

Gail Wallace | Posted 03.21.2016 | Religion
Gail Wallace

This idea that Jesus chose poor, uneducated men as his disciples is entrenched in evangelistic teaching, and was something I heard often growing up in the church, especially during the Easter season. But is this really true?

Fifty Shades of Things People Don't Want to Face (But Should)

Jennifer G. Bird | Posted 04.20.2015 | Religion
Jennifer G. Bird

Control and jealousy form the bedrock of abusive relationships. The fact that Christian Gray may change his ways by the end of the series is truly fantasy, and on that level concerns me even more.

What's the Harm? The Ongoing Effects of Biblical Ideas

Jennifer G. Bird | Posted 04.10.2015 | Religion
Jennifer G. Bird

As long as people continue to read the Bible (or the Qur'an), there will be a need to have this conversation.

Return of the Rabbi: A Short Story

Brett Gallaher | Posted 01.23.2014 | Religion
Brett Gallaher

"Good morning, everyone. You all knew this day was coming. I am returning to Earth," Jesus said, awaiting an outburst of excitement. To his surprise there was only an awkward silence, accompanied by faint whispering amongst the crowd.

Four Reasons Why Jesus Would Not Call Mark Driscoll After a First Date

Brett Gallaher | Posted 01.23.2014 | Religion
Brett Gallaher

Jesus would send out an emergency text to his homegirls to come rescue him. He'd stall in the meantime: "Mark, I'm really flattered that you've devoted your entire ministry to me. That means a lot. Tell me more about what attracted you to Christianity." Mark would lean over and whisper two words in Jesus' ear: "Real. Men."

Mary and Martha: Use Your Gifts, Whatever They May Be

Sister Carol Perry | Posted 09.16.2013 | Religion
Sister Carol Perry

We, in the western world, need to start by looking close to home where a new dialogue has begun about mothering and glass ceilings and "leaning back." We need to learn to honor the choices that others make.

Betraying the Spirit: How The Christian Right Gets The Bible Wrong

John Shore | Posted 08.13.2013 | Religion
John Shore

If God wanted Christians to follow a simple, clear set of rules, then the New Testament would be a simple, clear set of rules. But it's not.

Adults Honoring Their Parents

Rev. James Ellis, III | Posted 08.03.2013 | Religion
Rev. James Ellis, III

Adult children doing what their parents think they ought to do, seeking their approval at all costs, doesn't bring honor to anyone. It is ultimately only by honoring God that honor is bestowed on one's parents.

Let Her Lead: Creating A Better Future For Women In The Church

Brady Boyd | Posted 07.30.2013 | Religion
Brady Boyd

Let's take a look at what God intended for women, back when Eve burst onto creation's scene. Let's look at some modern-day realities surrounding women and ask what God intends for them now. And let's see what answers we can find.

The 'Broad' Living At The Edge Of Jericho

Rabbi Arthur Waskow | Posted 07.29.2013 | Religion
Rabbi Arthur Waskow

Rahav, who is specifically called a whore in the opening lines, stands among various outsider and transgressive women in the Hebrew Bible who play a decisive, if unexpected, role in bringing healing and redemption to their people.

Affirming All Women In Church On Mother's Day

Rev. Michelle L. Torigian | Posted 07.12.2013 | Religion
Rev. Michelle L. Torigian

We remember the women with many children, young children, a child who has recently died, those who have experienced miscarriage, infertility or painful births, those who have broken relationships with children and women who have not experienced motherhood at all.

Let’s Remember The Biblical Women At Easter

April D. DeConick | Posted 05.26.2013 | Religion
April D. DeConick

If we are to believe the author of the Gospel of Mark, Jesus' male followers deserted him. And we know from multiple sources that Peter betrayed ever knowing him. But the women remained steadfast and faithful.

The Four Questions Of Miriam

Isabel Kaplan | Posted 05.26.2013 | Religion
Isabel Kaplan

Miriam played an integral role in the story of Exodus, yet she's all but ignored during Passover, the holiday that commemorates the Exodus. It's not surprising.

God's Earth is Crying Out; God's People, Responding, Must Prepare for Jail

Rabbi Arthur Waskow | Posted 05.22.2013 | Religion
Rabbi Arthur Waskow

Today, religious folk face modern plagues imposed upon our countries and our planet by a new kind of Pharaoh. All of God's creation -- both humankind and the web of life upon our planet -- are endangered by the overburning of fossil fuels.

Purim: A Tale Of Women’s Empowerment

Deborah Rosenbloom | Posted 04.24.2013 | Religion
Deborah Rosenbloom

When it comes to the Bible, it's easy to fall back on standard interpretations year after year, but when we examine a multifaceted story such as Esther's through a modern lens, we see the many ways the story resonates in contemporary life.

The Tragic Life Of Queen Esther

Yaacov Cohen | Posted 04.22.2013 | Religion
Yaacov Cohen

Hearing the horror of the planned genocide, the light went on: Esther connected with her inner self and understood why she had been made queen. Esther had been made queen to save her people.

What Can Women Leaders Learn From Biblical Miriam?

Yaacov Cohen | Posted 04.08.2013 | Religion
Yaacov Cohen

You wouldn't expect the five book of Moses to promote women's leadership but a patriarchal society led by elders. However, a careful reading of Miriam's actions during the Hebrews Exodus from Egypt might lead you to a dramatically different conclusion.

A Woman's Dreams -- In The World Of Rabbis

Tamar Frankiel, Ph.D. | Posted 03.30.2013 | Religion
Tamar Frankiel, Ph.D.

For the first time, a woman -- me -- is taking the helm at the Academy for Jewish Religion, only the second woman ever to hold the presidency of a rabbinical school. What does it mean?

Are Muslim Women Really Second Class Citizens?

Alayna Ahmad-Benson | Posted 02.26.2013 | Religion
Alayna Ahmad-Benson

Despite the Quran's clear promotion of women's rights in Islam, the interpretation of the Hadith and Quran by men has led to patriarchal structures and male dominated cultures.

The Hell Of Parenting: A Study Of 1 Samuel

Jacob Myers | Posted 02.25.2013 | Religion
Jacob Myers

Scripture is replete with examples of God drawing leaders out of the most dire circumstances. Yet, we must not let Hannah's blessing obscure our vision: Life is a hell for millions.

Joy To The Women

Rachel G. Hackenberg | Posted 02.04.2013 | Religion
Rachel G. Hackenberg

Along with Christmas, Advent is the glorious and only time of year when Christians across the theological spectrum can agree on women's participation in God's work.

The Life of Sarah? Genesis 23:1-25:18

Jay Michaelson | Posted 01.06.2013 | Religion
Jay Michaelson

The name of the Torah portion Chayei Sarah, "the Life of Sarah," is bitterly ironic. Sarah dies in the first verse, offstage, as it were, and the action quickly shifts to Abraham's bargaining for her burial place, and then to the story of the next generation, Isaac and Rebecca.

My Grandmother's Prayer Shawl

Judy Bolton-Fasman | Posted 12.31.2012 | Religion
Judy Bolton-Fasman

Nobody wielded a needle and thread like my Abuela. With deft rhythm and mesmerizing patterns, she conveyed a life story of painstaking work and imposed silence.

Why Al Mohler Doesn't Get Rachel Held Evans

Morgan Guyton | Posted 12.29.2012 | Religion
Morgan Guyton

Christians today who want to share the Gospel with any credibility in postmodern culture must learn how to talk like Tina Fey, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, et al. Otherwise our evangelism is about as effective as a black and white "Reefer Madness" video in a junior high health class.

Why 'Vaginagate' Matters

Christian Piatt | Posted 12.18.2012 | Religion
Christian Piatt

Rachel Held Evans is one of the better known Christian writers in progressive circles these days. Her new book examines what it would mean to live life as a woman according to biblical laws for a year. She uses "grownup" words to talk about things like (gasp!) vaginas.