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Women Runners

I Wish I Could Run Like a Girl

Dr. Mariappan Jawaharlal | Posted 06.17.2016 | Women
Dr. Mariappan Jawaharlal

You've got to be kidding if you tell me that "run like a girl" is an insult. I wish I could run like a girl.

The Only Weight I've Lost From Running Is Caring What People Think About Me

xoJANE | Posted 10.23.2016 | Women

A year ago, I went out for runs in whatever raggedy old stretchy thing would provide the best camouflage. Now I gear up in clothes that work for me because this is a passion I've proven my commitment to.

8 Women Made History at Boston Marathon in 1972 --14,000 Registered in 2015 Race

Beverly Wettenstein | Posted 06.15.2015 | Women
Beverly Wettenstein

Kathrine Switzer became the first female to officially enter and run. The photo of a race official forcibly attempting to stop her and grabbing for her race numbers was the photo shot heard round the world. Life magazine listed the photo as one of the "100 Photographs That Changed The World."

We Are Not a Type

Maria Rodale | Posted 02.18.2015 | Women
Maria Rodale

There I was, feeling as graceful as a water buffalo, running next to what I felt like was a pack of gazelles.

Just Keep Running: Staying Motivated!

Pamela Kokoros | Posted 01.23.2014 | Healthy Living
Pamela Kokoros

I have a friend who likes to run listening to the full-length soundtrack of a musical. Another friend is all about listening to upbeat music that makes her want to dance. It's all about what gets YOU going!

Japan, Buddhism and the Ultramarathon of a Lifetime

Amy Chavez | Posted 06.24.2013 | Books
Amy Chavez

The Buddhist pilgrimage appeals to the motives of the independent traveler in us. Meditation appeals to our inward search for meaning.

Do You Exercise Inside Because You Don't Want to Be Harassed?

Soraya Chemaly | Posted 01.09.2013 | Women
Soraya Chemaly

Guess what percentage of American women do not exercise outside because they don't want to be harassed or out of fear of getting assaulted?

Black Girls RUN!: Going the Distance for Black Women's Health

Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks | Posted 11.19.2011 | Black Voices
Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks

In 2009 we created Black Girls RUN!, to encourage black women to make fitness a priority, become a more health conscience society and aid in lowering the number of chronic diseases associated with an unhealthy diet.