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Adjusting for Risk: The Problem of the Individual Actor

Andrew_Yang | Posted 04.06.2013 | Impact

2012-11-13-jrlogo300x60.gif One way to get more of our most talented young people to embark on the higher-risk, higher-reward path is to create a community and network. It might be a lot easier to take risks if you're part of a group who will look out for one another.

Expanding Opportunities for Better Jobs in Atlanta

The National Fund for Workforce Solutions | Posted 04.03.2013 | Impact
The National Fund for Workforce Solutions

2012-11-13-jrlogo300x60.gifMore than 630,000 families across the 13-county region are not financially self-sufficient. They are headed by adults who lack the education, training and experience needed to fill middle-skill jobs that pay enough to support a household.

When Real Life and Classroom Theory Collide -- You're Ready for Work

Christopher Dutton, VMD | Posted 04.01.2013 | College
Christopher Dutton, VMD

Mark my words; we won't all be going to school via a computer. The flat screen in front of you is too one dimensional to make information sticky.

Connecting People to the Right Kind of Learning Opportunities

Council for Adult and Experiential Learning | Posted 03.23.2013 | Impact
Council for Adult and Experiential Learning

2012-11-13-jrlogo300x60.gifGiven shrinking resources available for everything, it is critical that we help individuals, institutions and communities make good decisions about how we are investing those scarce resources.

A Smart Investment: Skilled Early Childhood Workforce

Elaine Weiss | Posted 02.16.2013 | Education
Elaine Weiss

At a time of fiscal uncertainty and the need to reexamine our public investment priorities, investments by government and public-private partnerships in the early childhood education workforce are a smart choice.

No. 1 Lesson in Competitiveness: Get Back to Basics

Sarah A. Webster | Posted 02.13.2013 | Business
Sarah A. Webster

Any nation that can't provide the basics, such as an educated workforce, especially in STEM fields, surely stands to lose out in this globally competitive economy.

Corporate Responsibility and the 'Fiscal Cliff'

Rev. Seamus P. Finn, OMI | Posted 01.28.2013 | Business
Rev. Seamus P. Finn, OMI

There may be no better opportunity or context within which to include on the agenda a substantive and inclusive conversation about the social responsibility of corporations.

A Shining Light for America's Returning Veterans: "Get Skills to Work"

Martin Scaglione | Posted 12.31.2012 | Impact
Martin Scaglione

The Get Skills to Work coalition is an ideal adaptation of Right Skills Now geared for veterans -- a segment of our workforce we absolutely must support.

The New Shape of the Collared Economy

William D. Eggers | Posted 12.17.2012 | Business
William D. Eggers

More and more of the talent pool are divorcing themselves from career-for-life commitments. They are moving towards a more flexible and increasingly virtual lifestyle. By some estimates, this group already accounts for one-third of the U.S. talent pool.

2 Simple Rules For Happiness

Jody Gastfriend | Posted 12.17.2012 | Fifty
Jody Gastfriend

Through my work I come in contact with many folks who feel stuck. I hear their stories and see that their spirits are depleted. I work to help them solve problems related to senior relatives who need assistance but I also wish I could help them get out of their job ruts. Yet how do you get un-stuck when you have mouths to feed and a mortgage to pay?

Let's Take Life-Skills Learning Seriously

Ellen Galinsky | Posted 12.11.2012 | Education
Ellen Galinsky

By rallying around the importance of teaching life skills to our youth we can all say we're for kids. But we're all just kidding ourselves yet again if we end up putting key intellectual qualities in a "soft skills" education bucket.

Falling Unemployment Rate Not Always Good News

Katie Bardaro | Posted 11.07.2012 | Business
Katie Bardaro

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released their August jobs report today and the news is bittersweet. Nonetheless, the news isn't bad for everyone.

Community Colleges: An 'Unsung' Source of America's STEM Talent

Rebecca Lucore | Posted 11.07.2012 | College
Rebecca Lucore

At the 2010 White House summit, President Barack Obama called community colleges the nation's "unsung heroes" of American education. Maybe it's time we all sing a little louder so community colleges get the respect they deserve.

The Re-Organization of Labor: How Startups Are Seeding the Workforce Innovation Revolution

Rebekah Iliff | Posted 10.28.2012 | Technology
Rebekah Iliff

The next five years are ripe for market expansion using the prototypes pioneered by the start-ups mentioned here. It may not be the makings of a conventional workforce, and it may require uncomfortable changes, but we're not going back.

How Employers Can Empower The Future Workforce

Dr. Tracey Wilen-Daugenti | Posted 10.22.2012 | Education
Dr. Tracey Wilen-Daugenti

The critical skills gap in the U.S. workforce has wide-ranging implications for both the current economy and businesses' ability to compete in the future global marketplace. Employers should take a hard look at training and education.

8 Steps for Closing the Skills Gap

Amy Kaslow | Posted 08.21.2012 | Business
Amy Kaslow

A November 2011 Deloitte/Manufacturing Institute poll reveals that only 20 percent of American adults would advise their children to pursue manufacturing careers. Their bias is strong, their views distorted by old pictures of factory workers on the assembly line performing mind-numbing tasks.

Unleashing America's Talent

AnnMaura Connolly | Posted 10.09.2012 | Impact
AnnMaura Connolly

Every year, national service provides tens of thousands of people with a year of service that teaches the skills and provides the experience demanded by nonprofit, corporate and public sector employers who are looking for workers in this challenging economy.

You Never Know Where A Job Will Take You

Michael Haberman | Posted 10.03.2012 | New York
Michael Haberman

Summer jobs correlate with increased income and better job security later in life -- by hiring teens, businesses invest in the future.

Top 25 Most Difficult Companies to Interview With

The Huffington Post | Sahaj Kohli | Posted 08.03.2012 | College

You've made it past the cover letter and resume portion of the application process, so what's next? The nerve wrecking interview where you only have o...

Binge Eating and Its Impact on the Workplace: An Interview With Richard Bedrosian, Ph.D.

Stephanie Sarkis, Ph.D. | Posted 09.17.2012 | Healthy Living
Stephanie Sarkis, Ph.D.

Bedrosian's study found that in a company of 1,000 employees, the estimated annual productivity loss due to binge eating is $107,965. Besides the financial loss to a company, why is it important to study the impact of binge eating on work productivity?

Post 50s Expected To Outnumber Younger Employees In The Workplace

Posted 07.12.2012 | Fifty

By David Schepp Whether out of economic need or simply a desire to continue working, many baby boomers aren't leaving their jobs anytime soon. I...

For Veterans It's "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs." But Wait, There's More!

Joseph Bobrow | Posted 09.09.2012 | Impact
Joseph Bobrow

As important as getting a job is for veterans, I'm not sure we take the time to consider the factors that support finding, getting, and keeping a job: Being successful on the job.

The Creative Compact

Richard Florida | Posted 09.09.2012 | Business
Richard Florida

The tectonic upheavals our economy is enduring are the result not just of financial shenanigans by the global One Percent, but of a deeper and more fundamental shift -- the passing of the old industrial order as it gives way to the emerging Creative Economy.

Having It All and a Hot Dog Stand

Kyra Cavanaugh | Posted 08.29.2012 | Business
Kyra Cavanaugh

The reason Anne-Marie Slaughter hit a collective nerve is because she's tapped into the employee side of the inequitable work-life balance.

Your Start-Up Life: Do Team Building Retreats Ever Work?

Rana Florida | Posted 08.28.2012 | Business
Rana Florida

Let me be clear: no one wants to go to a dude ranch with their boss. I couldn't think of anything more tortuous.