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Working People

Why The Presidential Debate Is Hillary's Moment

Richard Trumka | Posted 09.26.2016 | Politics
Richard Trumka

In the end, voters elect people, not just agendas. In this first debate, Hillary Clinton must show America her core: a compassionate, brilliant, forceful advocate for progress.

Kshama Sawant Speaks: Seattle's Re-elected Socialist City Councilmember On Progressive Social Change And Reinventing American Politics

Russell C. Smith | Posted 07.26.2016 | Politics
Russell C. Smith

"If you look at the viewpoint of ordinary working people in Seattle, it's always been a left-leaning city."

New Census Data Underscores Why Movement to Boost Wages Must Succeed

Mary Kay Henry | Posted 11.18.2013 | Politics
Mary Kay Henry

History has taught us that the nation does better when we have a strong middle class. We need bold changes in public policy to reverse the rising tide of income inequality.

It's Wallet and Pocketbook Issues, Stupid

William Astore | Posted 12.26.2012 | Politics
William Astore

Show some determination on these wallet and pocketbook issues, Mr. President, and you win. Vague and lofty rhetoric is not enough. Not when so many people are hurting.

Faith In Working People

Rev. Peter Laarman | Posted 11.03.2012 | Religion
Rev. Peter Laarman

Nothing is more American than the "chants democratic" expressed by grassroots labor organizing and union bargaining for a better future.

Super Bowl Ad Offends Working People

Rep. Dennis Kucinich | Posted 11.29.2012 | Politics
Rep. Dennis Kucinich

We ought to be strengthening the rights of American workers, not weakening them with slickly produced, misleading ads.

Arthur Delaney

Sitting This One Out: Colorado Woman Says 'Why Even Bother? Us Working Stiffs Don't Stand A Chance' | Arthur Delaney | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics

Linda Cooks of Aurora, Col. is feeling unenthusiastic about voting Tuesday after a year in which she said her hours were cut, her bank burned her when...

Working People and Good Jobs are the Foundation of Our Economy, Not the Problem

Terence M. O'Sullivan | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Terence M. O'Sullivan

Even more disturbing than the inaccuracy of the attacks against working people is the premise on which they are based.

John McCain's Support for Working Americans: Not a Message of Change, Just a Changed Message

Terence M. O'Sullivan | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Terence M. O'Sullivan

The other day at a political rally Senator John McCain said "there's no place I'd rather be than here with the working men and women of Ohio." It's g...

With John McCain, the Progressive Community Has its Work Cut Out

Ben Cohen | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Ben Cohen

The future for this woman and her family is filled with fear and economic insecurity, and McCain offers virtually nothing in the way of serious solutions.