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Doc Explores What In The World 'Yellowism' Means

Posted 02.28.2013 | Arts

Do you remember Yellowism? The bizarre not art, not anti-art movement that inspired a young Yellowist vandal named Vladimir Umanets -- né Wlodzimierz...

8 Art Movements That Were Hoaxes, Pranks, Or Misfires

ARTINFO | Posted 04.15.2013 | Arts

While the history of art movements includes many that were either short-lived or limited to few active participants -- "Vorticism," the largely forgot...

WTF Is Yellowism? A Guide to the Obscure Movement Behind the Tate Rothko Attack

ARTINFO | Posted 12.11.2012 | Arts

We yearn to understand the motives of criminals. It's natural. So when a museumgoer by the name of Vladimir Umanets brashly tagged of one of Mark Roth...

A Yellowist Speaks | Posted 12.10.2012 | Arts


Rothko Defaced! Why Did The Vandal Do It?

AP | Posted 12.08.2012 | Arts

LONDON -- A vandal scrawled graffiti on a mural by modern American master Mark Rothko at London's Tate Modern on Sunday. The mural, one of Rothko's S...