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Youth Sports Coaching

A Different Kind of March Madness: The Scummy Underbelly of Kids' Sports

Jenna Brownson | Posted 03.14.2016 | Parents
Jenna Brownson

The start of the spring youth sports season is still many weeks away. The fields remained closed. Most kids and parents haven't a clue where the uniform and equipment were stored at the end of last season. Doesn't matter.

Learning to Fail

Marion Leary | Posted 12.29.2015 | Education
Marion Leary

It is that time of year again -- the end of another college semester. Grades are in and well, the "whine season," as a fellow educator professed on his Facebook page, has begun.

Jack Welch's Formula for Transforming Youth Sports

Ken Reed | Posted 10.26.2015 | Sports
Ken Reed

Today, our kids' sports have been hijacked by adults who professionalize them and attempt to meet their own needs through youth sports. For the most part, these parents and coaches usually have good intentions but the damage to our young people is real nonetheless.

Youth Sports Burnout Driven by Achievement by Proxy Syndrome

Ken Reed | Posted 10.10.2015 | Sports
Ken Reed

Simply put, when it comes to youth sports, as parents and coaches - as adults -- we need to chill out. Our sons and daughters almost assuredly aren't going to be pro athletes. Statisticians believe that you have a better chance of being murdered than becoming a professional athlete.

Should We Teach Girls to Push?

Zanthe Taylor | Posted 09.25.2016 | Parents
Zanthe Taylor

From now on, in addition to zipping my lip on the sidelines, I am going to seek out opportunities to encourage my two daughters to push more--legally, of course. Life, after all, can be a contact sport.

Where are All the Women Coaches in Kids Sports?

Fred Engh | Posted 09.09.2016 | Parents
Fred Engh

I get it. Some women are intimidated being out on the field. Our nonprofit organization was created for the very reason to help all adults understand the role of being a coach and to tell them that it's not all about winning games, it's about caring for kids.

The Coach Who Played the Role of a Doctor

Fred Engh | Posted 09.02.2016 | Parents
Fred Engh

Obviously, not all youth football coaches are frustrated, never-made-it-to-the-next-level guys. But a great number are, and they are out there on football fields across America preaching the need to win at all costs to kids as young as 5 years old.

The Coach is a Bully: Now What?

Emily Cohen | Posted 09.01.2016 | Parents
Emily Cohen

If inaction or retaliation results, you -- and your athlete -- must be prepared to leave the team. It isn't fair, but the bottom line is that the current situation is destructive and intolerable -- and you need to protect your kid as well as your values.

Now...What Was Her Name?

Fred Engh | Posted 08.19.2016 | Parents
Fred Engh

Okay, here's a test for those of you who played sports when you were a kid at nine years old. Ready? Tell me the name of the coach of your team. Now tell me the name of your 4th grade teacher.

In Defense of Participation Trophies

Richard Greenberg | Posted 08.18.2016 | Parents
Richard Greenberg

When you're nine years old, it's probable that your best isn't going to be good enough. Maybe when you're that age the functions associated with being on a team, learning to accept that other people play before you and that you're not cut out to be an athlete may actually be your best.

'I Do' vs. 'I Can': Marriage Equality and Youth Sports

Paul Caccamo | Posted 08.11.2016 | Impact
Paul Caccamo

Sports programs must be inclusive of all youth, and coaches must be trained to value and promote diversity and inclusion. We simply cannot afford to have any child drop out of sports based on prejudice.

If You Don't Coach Sir, the League Will Fold

Fred Engh | Posted 07.15.2016 | Parents
Fred Engh

Never has anything been so motivating (and inaccurate, I might add) as the title suggests. The bottom line is that as long as Billy Jones has a father or mother around, there will always be someone to coach kids in organized sports.

10 Life Lessons I Learned from My Son and Little League Baseball

Dr. Kate Roberts | Posted 07.07.2016 | Parents
Dr. Kate Roberts

Baseball odds mirror life. It's expected for most players to strike out seven of ten times at bat or even more than that. I'm not sure what the odds are in life for reaching goals but certainly lots there will be many strike outs along the way to reaching any goal that's worth achieving.

And He Said, 'I've Damaged a Lot of Kids'

Fred Engh | Posted 07.08.2016 | Impact
Fred Engh

To date, the National Alliance for Youth Sports has trained more than 3 million volunteer adults who act as coaches in youth sports programs across America through the National Youth Sports Coaches Association.

Why Pope Francis Should Join My Board of Directors

Paul Caccamo | Posted 06.30.2016 | Sports
Paul Caccamo

Youth sports are in desperate need of reform. Less and less kids are playing sports in America and kids from disadvantaged economic backgrounds are s...

Should You Coach Your Own Kid?

Fred Engh | Posted 06.11.2016 | Sports
Fred Engh

As a former director of a youth sports organization with more than 15,000 kids playing all sports, I can tell you I've seen some great parent-coaches, and also, some bad parent-coaches.

So Did You Have a Bad Experience Playing Youth Sports?

Fred Engh | Posted 06.03.2016 | Impact
Fred Engh

Over the lifespan of our non-profit organization, National Alliance for Youth Sports, I have been asked many times about what motivated me to create such an organization. After all, no one had ever done so before.

Thanks Robin!

Fred Engh | Posted 05.21.2016 | Sports
Fred Engh

I often wonder if Robin Roberts ever knew that, at least for me, he was the impetus of helping change the attitudes of those parents who ruin, for so many kids, what would have been a great, fun experience in their lives.

7 Steps for Mothers and Women to Take to Become Youth Sports Coaches

Brooke de Lench | Posted 05.06.2016 | Parents
Brooke de Lench

The likelihood is that if you are a woman, waiting around for youth sports organizations to send you an engraved invitation to become a coach may be a bit like Waiting for Godot. The sports community needs to forge a welcoming culture so that women are empowered to succeed as coaches.

Celebrate Mother's Day By Recognizing Critical Role of Sports Moms

Brooke de Lench | Posted 05.01.2016 | Sports
Brooke de Lench

I continue to believe that it will only be when gender parity is achieved in positions of power in youth sports that its full potential will be realized for all our children.

Misplaced Priorities in Child Safety and Youth Sports

Fred Engh | Posted 06.22.2015 | Parents
Fred Engh

The bottom line is that to me letting your kids go to the park unsupervised is a whole lot better than putting them in the hands for a full season with someone you haven't a clue about.

Tips on How to Be the Best Youth Soccer Coach

Quora | Posted 06.21.2015 | Parents

Organize your practices (Every player should have a ball, marked with the player's name, and be responsible for bringing it to practice. Coach brings the pump).

Ouch! 4 Steps to Fewer Sports Injuries

Emily Cohen | Posted 06.20.2015 | Parents
Emily Cohen

You are the expert on your own kid, not the coach. The coach can't read your kid's body language the way you can.

Background Checks... Don't Be So Sure

Fred Engh | Posted 06.08.2015 | Impact
Fred Engh

Whatever we can do to prevent child abusers from abusing children in organized sports, I'm all for. Throughout the last several years, the phrase "background checks" has been floating around as if it's a panacea for making sure youth sports leagues are doing the right thing.

Is a Sexual Predator Lurking on Your Kid's Team?

Fred Engh | Posted 06.01.2015 | Impact
Fred Engh

Ever since Jerry Sandusky became a household name and rocked the national sports landscape, it also shined the spotlight on a chilling topic that all too often gets shoved to the side because it's too uncomfortable and unpleasant to talk about.