10/28/2010 04:19 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Harry Reid Defeat No Bad Thing for Democrats With Chuck Schumer in the Wings

Whisper it, but a defeat for Harry Reid in his senate race in Nevada would not be a bad thing for Democrats.

Cometh the hour cometh the man -- Chuck Schumer.

Take it from me. For years I have dealt with Irish issues with Reid's likely successor Senator Chuck Schumer, and he is a far better front man for Democrats in the new reality after election day.

If Reid loses to Sharon Angle It would mean that under current projections, Democrats would still hold the senate and that New York Senator Schumer would very likely be the Majority Leader.

The difference between Reid and Schumer is night and day.

Reid has never been able to generate a positive media presence, is stumbling and inarticulate, and despite a good legislative record has never been a plus for Democrats.

The fact that he has such difficulty getting re-elected in Nevada against a loony right opponent says it all.

Every major political figure needs that bright lights presence that Harry just doesn't have despite representing Las Vegas.

Schumer, on the other hand, is the complete opposite.

With a Republican controlled house and a president ready again to seek deals, Schumer would be the perfect person to bring the parties around the table.

He is great on TV, always calm and rational, and has the New York way of cutting to the essence of what is needed, rather than spending time grandstanding.

Beneath that pleasant exterior, there is a razor sharp political brain and a Clinton-like ability to do a deal even with his worst opponent.

He is one of the shrewdest -- if not the shrewdest -- politician in the senate, a pragmatist who can swing everyone to the center, which is where America says it desperately needs to be.

He is a fundraising powerhouse, having raised the money in the first place that got the Democrats control of the senate.

He would also provide the pragmatic leadership presence that Obama has lacked in congress.

Schumer knows when a deal can be cut, when to fight and when to fold.

So I'll be shedding no tears if Harry Reid goes down in defeat.

Chuck Schumer could be the great conciliator to help bring this country together.

Republicans will also find it very hard to demonize him directly as they did with Reid.

Schumer has a completely different personality, well able to defend himself.

While Reid was once a boxer he has problems taking a punch.

There will be no such problems with Chuck Schumer -- or in counterpunching either.