05/12/2010 09:52 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

At Least One New Yorker Likes the New Plates

I really really love the new New York license plate.

plate (note: the actual plate is more metallic and sparkly, not flat like the DMV's Photoshop version above)

I've read a bunch of articles about how most New Yorkers hate the new plate (80%, according to one poll!), which I simply don't understand. To me, the classic orangey-yellow/deep blue screams New York City in a way no other color combo or fancy graphic can. In fact, it's based on classic NYC license plates dating back to the 60's:


The pictures above are from an incredibly exhaustive website called, where you can find NY plates dating back to 1910. The earliest appearance of yellow on a NY plate dates to 1915.


I wasn't really around for it, but I also dug the Statue of Liberty plate that hit in the mid 80's. Simple, effective, iconic:


Then came the blue plate, which I've hated for the past decade or so. Yeah, it's got the Empire State Building, and yeah, it's got Niagara Falls...So why does it feel so bland? I've also always disliked the colors, which are as cold and lifeless as you can get. And the cartoony outline font is the last I'd pick as representative of the state:


Anyway, I have a feeling that most of the negative quotes stem from drivers frustrated at having to shell out $25 for a new piece of metal to replace their old piece of metal. As I'm finally seeing the new plates on cars around town, I've been wondering: is it possible the DMV finally did something right?


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