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New York, You've Changed: Taxi Driver (Part 2)

"New York, You've Changed" is a new Scouting NY site feature in
which the New York depicted in movies is compared with the city of
today. This is not the usual list of shooting locations and addresses
to visit next time you tour the city. Instead, it is a full
shot-by-shot dissection to see what New York once was and what it has
become, for better or worse. I've tried to recreate the angles and
framing as best as possible, and have presented the shots (more or
less) in the order they appear in the film. Today, we delve into Part 2
of our
Taxi Driver coverage (Part 1 is here). Enjoy! And for those who missed our look at Ghostbusters: Part 1 & Part 2!).

When we last left off, Travis Bickle was cruising through Times
Square. We then catch him uptown as he makes a drop off at the Hotel
Olcott at 27 West 72nd Street. Here, he drives up to the hotel, and we
see the O LAR Restaurant on the east side. Today, it's a Dallas BBQ.

TD - 020a - Restaurant

TD - 020b - Restaurant

Curious what O LAR Restaurant was all about? This awesomely bizarre ad from a 1974 New York magazine should tell you all you need to know!


Travis pulls up to the front of the hotel. Note the new awning:

TD - 021a - Olcott

TD - 021b - Olcott

Then, Travis meets up with his cabbie buddies at an unknown grease joint. As far as I can tell, this isn't the Belmore Restaurant nor The Terminal/Exchange bar featured later on in the film. Anyone have any idea where this might have been? There's a Hess across the street, if that helps.

TD - 022a - Hess

The next day, Travis meets Betsy at the campaign office. I incorrectly identified the building in the previous post -- I trusted the Taxi Driver Special Edition DVD "Locations Featurette," which has the building at 62nd & Broadway. As alert reader David pointed out, it's actually at 63rd & Broadway and has completely changed. Nowadays, Betsy would be coming out of a Bank of America (I've updated Part 1 with new pictures for those who are curious).

TD - 023a - Office

TD - 023b - Office

Travis takes Betsy to a place called Charles' Coffee Shop at the corner of 58th & 8th Ave (long gone, of course). In this shot, we get a glimpse of the old Museum of Arts & Design building:

TD - 024a - Diner

TD - 024b - Diner

A different angle gives us a view of Columbus Circle and the future site of the glass-and-steel Time Warner Center:

TD - 025a - Diner

TD - 025b - Diner

Charles' Coffee Shop is now a Duane Reade:

TD - 025c - Diner

Travis asks Betty out to a movie, and decides to get her a Kris Kristofferson album as a gift. He goes to a record store, and though I don't know the original location, the woman's shirt tag identifies it as a Sam Goody (one institution I don't mind having gone extinct). Any guesses?

TD - 026a - Sam Goody

TD - 026b - Sam Goody

We then get a shot of Travis driving by a news ticker announcing Palantine's arrival in New York, and at first I couldn't figure out what the hell this mundane office building was. When it hit me that it was 1 Times Square, I couldn't believe how much has changed. Also, I love the ad on the bus.

TD - 027b - TS


Travis then meets up with some friends at the Terminal Bar (next to the Exchange Bar), formerly at 41st Street and 8th Ave. Currently, the New York Times building resides on the property, with a Schnippers restaurant in place of the Terminal. I realize "Terminal" refers to the Port Authority across the street, but there's something absolutely perfect in the double-meaning.

TD - 028a - terminal

TD - 028b - terminal

The Terminal Bar was closed in 1982. A short documentary about the place and more information is here.

Finally, we have the legendary meeting between Travis and child prostitute Iris (played by Jodie Foster) in front of the Variety Theater. What remains of the Variety today?

TD - 029a - Variety

TD - 029b - Variety

Yes, the Variety was torn down to make room for another glass-and-steel 21-floor condo highrise. Originally opened in 1913 as a Nickelodeon theater, the Variety operated until 2004, at which point it was an off-broadway theater. It was torn down in 2005. Intelligent Flickr photographer GVSHP took some pictures prior to its demise, and I warn you, they'll break your heart:

Variety Theater

Variety Theater

We get a tighter angle as Travis pulls up. The bar on the left is now Daydream Yogurt.

TD - 030a - Variety

TD - 030b - Variety

A yogurt place. Just because I'm now feeling particularly angry (really, I want to drive home the point), here's a picture of the Variety's demolition:

Variety Theater Demolition

Later, as Travis drives west on 42nd Street, we are treated to a great view of 8th Ave looking north. First, we catch a man begging in front of a diner on the east corner. That diner is now some sort of bland pizza chain called the Villa Italian Kitchen (with locations around the world -- even Kuwait!).

TD - 032a - Corner

TD - 032b - Corner

As we move west, you can see how much has changed. That cigarette shop now appears to be an Auntie Anne's pretzel place. Also, note that the phone booth in the first picture is now a phone stand.

TD - 033a - 8th Ave

TD - 033b - 8th Ave

As we continue west, we get a glimpse of the sign for the old Times Square Motor Hotel (free parking!). According to thisNew York Times article, in 1988, "the director of the Mayor's Office of Homeless and Single Room Occupancy Housing Services...announced the city's intention to buy the hotel and use it as a residence for the homeless and as the site of a work-release program for jail inmates." In other words, a halfway house. Times have changed since 1988: a Westin Hotel is now on the site.

TD - 034a - 8th Ave

TD - 034b - 8th Ave

Finally, as we complete our journey across 8th Ave, we get a shot of the old Show World Center porn theater marquee. Though the theater is now the Times Square Comedy Club/Laugh Factory, Show World is still in business next door as a sex store, and for some reason, I find that a bit refreshing.

TD - 035a - Showworld

TD - 035b - Showworld

Here, you can see the building housing the theater in full -- I love its bizarre height and width, and how it sticks out so oddly from the surrounding buildings. It almost looks like a giant middle finger flipping off the rest of Times Square.

TD - 036a - Showworld

Meanwhile, I'd love to know how much -- if any -- of the awning is originally part of the old porn theater sign (again, I find it strangely appealing to think about tourists sitting in the same theaters where countless pervs spent skeezy nights in Times Square).

TD - 036b - Showworld

Coming soon! Part 3 of our New York, You've Changed: Taxi Driver
series, beginning with Travis's ill-fated date with Besty to a 42nd
Street porn theater. A sneak peak at what was playing then and now:

TD - 040a - theater

TD - 040b - theater


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