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Scouting Wrap-Up: Barbie, Greenpoint Graffiti, Etc.

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Just a few miscellaneous pictures from the past week of scouting. I was checking out a large office building when I happened to pass by these offices, which have been made up to look like a subway station with two full-sized trains replicas (individual offices are actually in the train through those doors). Crazy!

subway office

Always nice to feel welcome...


For those who don't live in the city, our buses have been overtaken by signs telling us to go vote for Barbie's new career online.


The options are environmentalist, computer engineer, architect, news anchor, or surgeon, and I gotta be honest: there is nothing more terrifying than the idea of lying on the operating table waiting for open heart surgery, and seeing Barbie walk in with a scalpel (contest is apparently now over - news anchor and computer engineer won the vote, and man is that some computer engineer).

I really dig the work a graffiti artist did on this warehouse in Greenpoint, handpainting hundreds of bricks over a door. Really convincing...

Brick House

Coming Monday: a new Scouting NY contest to win a trip to Atlantic City! Stay tuned!

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