11/28/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Owls of PS 110

Next time you're heading over the Williamsburg Bridge to Brooklyn, either driving or on the pedestrian walkway, be sure to check out the public school on the south side. PS 110 (the Florence Nightingale school) has one of my favorite school adornments in the city...

Owl 02

... a roof covered in owls!

Owl 03

They're perched everywhere, from these five on the center arch ...

Owl 05

... to these four on the left side ...

Owl 06

... and a scattering of owls around the right corner.

Owl 07

PS 110 is located on Cannon Street, a narrow Manhattan side-street down as low and east as the Lower East Side can take you.

Owl 09

What always amazes me about building adornments like these is that they are basically invisible from the street -- you have to either be on the bridge or approaching the school from a distance to see them.

Owl 10

Two owls can be seen at ground-level above the building entrances. This one is on Cannon Street:

Owl 11

Owl 12

This one is around the corner on Broome Street:

Owl 13

I can't tell if they're different owl designs (note the beak and ears), or if it's just the camera angle.

Owl 14

Finally, here's a view of the school as you approach from Delancey ...

Owl 16

... and the different view you get of the roof owls.

Owl 15

Someday, I'm going to have to get permission to go up there and shoot up close. Anyone affiliated with the school reading?


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