12/07/2010 04:35 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Teaser Trailer: The Day

While it might appear like the entertainment industry has lost all sense of risk and become far too content with pumping out sequel after sequel, adaptations of only freakishly popular tween novels and surefire remakes, I'm excited today to present a fantastic teaser trailer that refreshingly breaks that mold.

Insider industry lexicon is saturated with annoying and regurgitated phrases of speech that are usually meant to nicely let down creative people with lofty dreams but rarely make sense. "We love the voice, but don't know how it fits in our mandate... let's put a pin in it... really make a meal of it... make sure it builds to something... we're actively looking for our The Hangover..."

My point, though is an optimistic one. Because I'm about to prove one of these annoying cliches right - "All it takes is one person to believe in your idea."

In this instance, that person is producer Guy Danella. Guy took an idea from friend and first time writer Luke Passmore (for whom good things are certainly ahead), threw it on his shoulder and didn't stop until it was done. Makes perfect sense, then, that Guy found a director from Robert Rodriguez's school (Doug Aarniokoski) to helm the feature.

While most of the plot details are being kept under wraps, the movie is best described as an apocalyptic siege warfare film spanning 24 hours during which a small group of survivors are pitted against insurmountable odds.

I was lucky enough to attend a party where they debuted the trailer, and I must say it simply looks awesome. Even more awesome? They did it with no studio notes and no creative interference. One person believed in the idea, and made it happen.

Personally I applaud the efforts of Guy, Doug, Luke and the rest of their team on what is sure to be an exciting film and hopefully the first of many collaborations between them. Here's the exciting trailer.

THE DAY (2010) Official HD Teaser Trailer from guy danella on Vimeo.

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The awesome song in teaser is by Explosions in the Sky.