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Nick Shore
Nick Shore is Senior Vice President of Strategic Consumer Insights and Research at MTV. He is responsible for all of MTV's research efforts across MTV, MTV2,, mtvU and MTV Tr3s platforms. Shore has spent his career helping organizations uncover & articulate their Brand DNA.

Blog Entries by Nick Shore

What Gaga & Minaj's Alter-Egos Say About the Shape-Shifting Millennial Generation

Posted September 8, 2011 | 09/08/11 11:00 AM ET

Jo Calderone's moment in the spotlight at the MTV Video Music Awards was more than just another iteration of Gaga's creativity. Likewise, Nicki Minaj's collection of alter-egos bears more significance than just sheer entertainment. And while rapper Kreayshawn's refusal to identify with just one particular race is often dismissed as...

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Rebellion 2.0: Smart and Funny

Posted November 7, 2010 | 11/07/10 03:05 PM ET

Wit was the weapon of choice for millennials at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.

Millennials are often compared to their boomer parents in terms of their penchant for social activism and positive change. Cynically minded social commentators have also characterized the millennials' flavor of activism...

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