11/21/2011 08:49 am ET | Updated Jan 21, 2012

7 Tips For Healthy Winter Scalp And Hair

The winter months can definitely throw a wrench into fabulous hair for the holidays. Cold temperatures and dry and windy days wreak havoc on our locks, rendering whole new challenges for our hair care and beauty maintenance routines. The overly-dry atmosphere and cold-weather elements deplete moisture from our hair and scalp, resulting in dry, brittle lackluster tresses and dehydrated, malnourished -- and often seriously itchy, irritated -- scalps. Don't let the winter doldrums get you down; instead, incorporate a few tried and true professional tips to help combat your cold-weather woes.

Remember to stay hydrated from the inside out. We often forget to drink our water during the winter months -- but keeping your water intake up to your summer levels is key for healthy skin, nails, and hair during the winter months.

Nicole Cothrun Venables is a Hollywood stylist with two dozen films and television shows to her credit. Her interviews and beauty articles have appeared in Elle, InStyle, Women's World and Los Angeles. For more tricks of the trade, read her blog on Red Room.