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10 Tips to Start Living Now

Do you dream about being in a relationship, but your weight isn't ideal so you choose to hibernate? Do you long to make a career move, but are paralyzed by the fear of making the wrong decision? Do you want to have a family, but feel your life needs to be in "perfect" order first? Do you wish to visit a particular destination, but put it off because feel the trip is too indulgent? Now ask yourself this: If tomorrow were your last day on Earth, would you have any regrets? Are you living in the future and ignoring the present?

"Live for the moment" is a statement we have all heard, and it is usually followed by, "because you never know if it will be your last." When we hear this we usually pause, reflect and resonate with this statement. We might even vow to change a certain behavior or act on a particular goal, but usually this is short-lived and we resort to our old habits, fears and motivations. Then we feel stuck and full of regrets. But why?

We live in a world with to-do lists, goals that may not be our own and responsibilities that may outweigh our wants and needs. Oftentimes, we are taking care of others before we even acknowledge our own desires. To make matters worse, fear tends to rise to the forefront and it may present itself as the "rational" decision, when instead it is just the safe choice. You may want to leave your job, but fear tells you it is not the reasonable choice. The key is to drown out the negativity and strike a balance between the "shoulds" and the wants. It is one thing to be a responsible person, and another to be living your life for someone else entirely or waiting for the perfect set of circumstances for your life to truly begin.

I have a holistic health practice, and I work with clients on their physical and emotional health. I have a client who has an incredible heart and many gifts, but she was unable to recognize them or even utilize them. She was waiting for marriage for her life to begin and as a result, she was not nurturing her gifts -- working with children and art. She ignored her creative side and her giving nature and instead made dating and husband-hunting her priority. She had a preconceived notion that her career would not be financially lucrative, and she needed a partner to share the burden. As a result, her career was on hold, she was meeting the wrong men, her health was suffering and her spirit was empty. We worked for several months on recapturing her passion and taking action steps to live in the now. She went back to school for art therapy and guess whom she met there? Her husband.

Many times we don't believe that it is possible to have our dream life, or we feel we don't deserve it. We make plans, but we rarely take action today. We even talk ourselves out of our vision because it seems easier to coast along a stream rather than risk a potential current.

But living in the future does not ensure a happy life today. Too often, we spend time planning our goals and we forget to be happy now. As a result, we save all of our joy for a day in the future that is not yet guaranteed.

When you think about your wish list for your life, are you living it now? Does everything have to happen in a particular order? Are you holding onto a certain set of beliefs that no longer suit you? What messages are you sending out into the universe -- are you asking for something, but then finding reasons why it shouldn't happen now?

Vow to begin today with no regrets. Commit to showing the world why you are here. Promise to live with passion. Spread your wings, stretch your spirit and learn to soar. After all, tomorrow is a present to be lived today.

10 Tips to Start Living Now:

10 Tips To Start Living NOW
10 Tips To Start Living NOW

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