09/07/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Celeb Career Thermometer: Paula Abdul vs. Victoria Beckham

Best Career Move of the Week: Paula Dumps Idol

Paula Abdul shocked fans this week when she Twittered her decision to leave America's most-watched TV show. The choreographer-turned-pop singer was reportedly bitter about her co-stars' salaries, though who can blame her? Simon Cowell was negotiating a contract worth 10 times hers, and even host Ryan Seacrest (whose job is basically to stand there and look pretty) is pulling in five times as much moola. Paula may have had her less-than-pulled-together moments on the show, but she was damn entertaining -- and that's more than producers can say for new judge Kara DioGuardi whose big mouth was single-handedly responsible for the dip in last season's ratings. So cheers to Paula for refusing to stay where she's not appreciated. What did you think FOX -- that Paula would just be Forever Your Girl without any favors in return?

Worst Career Move of the Week: Victoria Beckham to Replace Paula

Former Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham (who since the days of silver pleather and Kate Gosselin hair has rebranded herself as a style icon), is now returning to the music scene as a guest judge on American Idol. The stick-thin star will channel her brief stint as a pop singer (in the 90's biggest joke known as The Spice Girls) to critique and advise next season's contestants. Wonder what kinds of tips Victoria will divulge? The camera adds fifty pounds? Gray is the new black? Sorry, Posh, but there's a reason your singing career didn't pan out -- no need to beat a dead horse with a ginormous platform heel.