Best of Both Worlds

09/22/2011 05:31 pm ET | Updated Nov 22, 2011

In 2011, with Twitter and Facebook, we have become a generation attached to our devices and it's making it increasingly difficult to maintain normal relationships because we're so focused on twittering and updating we tend to overlook our real lives.

How many of us have been in a conversation and subconsciously whipped out the cell phone to check our Facebook status and see if someone, anyone has commented, and the feeling that someone hasn't almost leaves us deflated like we're being overlooked?

A few times I've done it in front of my family and been threatened with the phone being thrown out the window. I admit it but Facebook has become a big piece of my life ... sad, I know, but it's almost like if I leave for a few hours and don't check in, my Facebook friends will think I've disappeared off the face of the earth.

A few times while I've been sick, I've gotten those panicked message and the sick thing is, it made me feel good like even though I couldn't be there. I was being missed. It's odd but I find I have a better connection to my Facebook friends than my own friends here in the real world

I guess it's because I feel like I don't have to constantly explain what I mean and why, that I'm not constantly being questioned because in the real world and in real life, everything I do is a constantly why? and how come?

I live in a world of constant questions and it's tiring... and so I turn to the Facebook just to vent. I admit though, once I do get a job, I'll be scaling my time on Facebook way down because you can't concentrate on a job.

And I also admit I have the best Facebook friends; they are supportive and I know that whatever I tell them won't come back to bite me.

So I know I'm a social network junkie, no one tells you when you sign up that you are basically signing away chunks of your life because it's the excitement of joining a community and a new form of expression

But I have to ask what was wrong with the old form of expression when you would put into a diary or a song and no one could put their two cents in? I understand we had to move forward with the times but I truly believe in five years or so, there will be no such thing as face to face contact... we'll rely on nothing but our iPhones and texting. The art of conversation will officially be dead and buried.

It's pretty sad at my age, I can say I was alive before the whole social networking craze began and that it was a different world back then. It wasn't a simpler time but it was definitely more slow0paced and I came from an age when we thought Gameboys and Nanopets were the definition of cool.

It's only been 12 years since the 90s ended but already it seems like a million years ago and now my generation says we had a life before and after Facebook, but what about the in-between? What's to say the next fad won't take over our lives? It's scary to almost think about and that makes me even more worried for the next generation to come because they won't know what's like to grow up without a Kindle and all the new tech toys; they won't have the same social skills that were taught to us by our parents and have the same ideas taught by their parents. It's almost like cutting out the previous generation because what could they have possibly taught the next one? Their lessons will be irrelevant.

As a kid who didn't have grandparents, I had to rely on my aunts for their lessons and views on things and there isn't a day I don't thank god for that because it gave me a chance to view what life was like before there were social networks, Kindles, even televisions when you had to rely on yourself for entertainment

I think if we went back to that way of life, we'd be chewing our own arms off to get back to the ways of the social network

Tell me... Has the Social Network taken over your life?