06/09/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bravo TV And Sarah Jessica Parker Launch "Work of Art": An Art Reality Show

The fact that Jerry Saltz is involved in Sarah Jessica Parker's new Bravo reality TV art contest Work of Art gives it added credibility. I'm ok with the show if they have realistic challenges. Here are my suggestions for realistic art world challenges:

1. Competing artists try to get stolen art back from a paranoid art dealer who thinks they owe him for $100,000 in cocaine fees. The first artist to convince him otherwise and get a solo show wins the challenge.

2. See which artist can get evicted from their New York studio fastest. My suggestion for this would be to get a person to share it with you then you have the chance that they will skip out on rent or paint a mural on the wall that loses the damage deposit.

3. Artists make a wooden submarine and get the NYPD to show up. The first arrested artist wins. Artists who can convince the harbor patrol that they are a terror threat also win.

4. See which artist can conceal their identity while remaining a famous graffiti artist.

5. Artists are asked to paste up posters that say OBEY on them. The first one to start a clothing line wins. The loser of this challenge will be forced to watch Bob Ross videos for two weeks.

6. Artists are given a human skull, millions of dollars in diamonds and a glue gun. They must then compete to make the most expensive piece of art in history.