08/23/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Rick Scott Crows About Delay Killing The Public Option

When Senators are looking for "bipartisan" solutions to health care, and need more "time" to work on a "bipartisan" compromise, what they're really looking for is a way to kill real health care reform with the public option from happening. Private insurers and their lobbyists know this, and the proof lies in an e-mail from Rick Scott's Conservatives for Patients Rights organization:

"Keep Up the Fight - Victory is in Sight!

Thanks to a collective effort by a loose knit coalition of free market health care advocates, conservative grassroots groups, and some reasonable-minded elected officials, I am very confident, after meetings on the Hill this week, that if Congress does not pass a health care bill with the public option before Labor Day, the public option is dead. While Victory is near, we must not rest.

Earlier today, Senate Majority Harry Reid acknowledged that there would be no health care vote in the Senate until the fall. Still, liberal, pro-government health care advocates are intensifying their campaigns and increasing the decibel level of their rhetoric to demonize elected officials who are rightly opposed to the public option and a government take-over of health care. We must meet them head on and continue with ads, news events (particularly in the grassroots), media appearances, etc, to finish off the public option, which is no option at all as it would be devastating to patients, our economy and our health care system."

This is disgusting. In the three weeks that Congress will be off on their recess, over 143,000 people will lose their health insurance coverage, about 53,507 people will go into medical bankruptcy, and over 1,265 Americans will die as a result of not having access to health insurance coverage.

Rick Scott and his cohorts know that when Members of Congress go home on their vacation in August back to voters, they get hit by hundreds of TV ads from the murder-by-spreadsheet industry, and they get phone calls from angry voters about "socialized health care." Then they come back, scared to pass real health care reform, so they end up passing health care reform that may not include a public option or a national insurance exchange.

It's why others and I at Firedoglake are fighting for Members of Congress to cancel their vacation in August so we can work on getting real health care reform passed. Please help sign the petition telling Congress to pass real health care reform before going on vacation.