09/22/2011 11:32 am ET | Updated Nov 22, 2011

A Contagious Piece Of Americana As Scottish Fortress

On a late summer's evening, we decided to venture out into the not-so-known of New York City. New York City is famous for its dynamism, but recently we have been more eager to find the nooks, crannies and secrets hidden away from the main thoroughfares.

On this trip, we visit the abandoned the Smallpox Hospital on the southern tip of Roosevelt Island. Smallpox is dangerous and very contagious, which is why, when it was built in 1856 -- a few years before the Internet -- this hospital was placed as far away from the healthy population as possible.

Looking like they were removed from the Scottish countryside or constructed as set dressing for a Shakespearean play, the remnants of the gothic hospital are a site to see: Ivy encrusted walls and high archways greet the few visitors that make it here from all angles. Unfortunately for us (fortunately for the curators) and our guerrilla filming style, the hospital is being renovated so we were left on the outside looking in. Kind of.

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