09/08/2006 10:52 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bush will Protect Me?

I know that many of my purported friends continue to be upset by my telling stories about my life in order to make a point. Notwithstanding this, here we go again.

As a relatively senior operating executive in a few companies, I will report the following; I left CBS, Columbia Pictures, and MGM and while it is difficult for me to believe, all three of these companies have prospered since my departure.

I believe that the issues concerning terrorism are not Republican or Democratic in nature. ALL Americans are interested in protecting our country against terrorism, even President Bush.

I am a Democrat and I too am concerned as Americans everywhere that I could be killed any second by a terrorist.

Who are the Republicans? They are the other guys who are concerned as Americans everywhere that they could be killed any second by a terrorist.

This is not an issue of Republican's will, or Democrat's won't. It is an American issue, whatever that is.

Our President, vested with the power that allows him to take us to war and spy on us without a warrant, has once again taken the opportunity to "nationalize" air time on television by his speaking all over the place on the issue of "The War Against Terror", It is clear to any American with a pulse that the congressional election is coming up and it is time once again to try and scare the electorate into thinking that without the President, terrorists will be blowing up everything in our country, and worse still, turning our churches into Mosques.

There has been a law enforcement and military infrastructure in our country for over 200 years.

We have the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Police, Fire Department, FBI, CIA, TSA, and the NSA etc.

I know that it is hard to accept that even with a Democratic Congress, all of these people will still function, and even if we have a Democratic President in '08, they will still be there.

Nothing has changed in "The Karl Rove Playbook." Have the president and his "people" commandeer time on television and repeat the same message over and over of "we will protect you, and the other guys will not." One way or the other, we will also connect the war in Iraq (a bad thing), to the war on terror, (a good thing).

As a final annoyance, the "bad guys" continue to imply that the broadcast media is controlled by the liberals like News Corp, General Electric, The Walt Disney Company, and CBS.

Speaking of the Liberal media, I am appalled by ABC (the Walt Disney Company) playing a "docudrama" of the events concerning 9/11.
Should they have done this? Was this political? I know what I think, but that is not the point. Why a "docudrama"? The reports concerning the events are all out there. Using your journalist assets, DO A COCUMENTARY!

A question; Has ABC EVER played a documentary in prime time about 9/11 or the events concerning the war in Iraq? Also, if one was to question ABC's motives, one might ask why ABC News was not the producer of the project, and responsible for its content and its accuracy?


Bring back Edward R Murrow!

Norman Horowitz
Liberal Democrat