Due Process and Constitutional Rights Are So Pre-9/11

09/23/2006 08:20 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I was recently asked to write something critical about the movie business, and I said that I couldn't. I was asked why not, and I said that I was not angry about the movie business and ergo, I could not write about it.

Our country has an inept self serving government, and an inept self serving electronic media. Our self serving government is accommodated by a self serving electronic media.

Last week, someone commented to me: "Norman, Due Process and Constitutional rights are so pre-9/11." What a great and sadly accurate statement. While it amazes me that our government considers this to be a time to abandon certain constitutional details for what you could call expediency, and that is a horrid reason to do so.

The Republicans say that television news is controlled by the liberals. (Thank god for News Corp.)

I have spent my life selling things to television networks and stations. Among those things that I as a rule ridiculed in addition to most of my managements is audience research. I still do, however it is useful if you want to make a point, and I want to make a point.

In the last 60-90 days, the President and his people have made a great contribution to reasonable discourse in our country by being all over television all of the time and most regrettably changing the subject all of the time away from what appears to be hopeless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and instead speak to issues such as Iran, North Korea, torture, and their long time favorites terrorists and 9/11,

In my admittedly unverifiable opinion, the President and his senior people have had probably a gazillion times more television "face" time then those considered to be possible Democratic 08 Presidential nominees. The administration has organized it to be exactly the way it is. Karl Rove knows that our latest failing wars are the responsibility of the President and he is desirous of "changing" the subject in front on the mid-term congressional elections. He also keeps the President appearing in favorable venues and speaks about their most saleable commodity, "TERRORISM."

All of this was going on while taking advantage of the 9/11 activities, the torture activities, the Iranian activities, the North Korean activities the Hugo Chavez activities, and blame Bill Clinton activities. It was a well orchestrated team effort, and the only close to main stream media objection to what they are doing was Keith Oberman on MSNBC.

The biased liberal media have taken so many steps to be certain that they are "fair and balanced" that they have provided the Democrats equal time on broadcast and cable so that they could reply to President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice following their "change the subject away from the war" appearances.

Whoops, perhaps I have made a mistake here I meant to say that the biased and liberal media have provided the Democrats with little or no time to respond to the President. How careless of me to make such a mistake.

Whenever I hear some of my conservative Republicans complain that the Democrats are devoid of ideas, I like to say how do you know in that they are without significant opportunities in the electronic media space to express their ideas.

I do not understand why we condone torture.
I do not understand why we speak of the people we take into custody as though they have been convicted of anything.
I do not understand why we spy on Americans without a warrant.

Above all, I wonder if the constitution and due process are in fact "so pre 911."

The 9/11 hijackers killed 3000 people and I hope that in the process that they did not kill our liberty.

Norman Horowitz