FCC Chairman Martin Maintains That he is Only Interested in Creating More Media Competition, Diversity, and Localism

11/03/2007 09:44 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

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Now please read .the following: This has been excerpted from Chairman Martin's recent address in Chicago.

The tooth fairy was also scheduled to speak, but she cancelled.

"Our media ownership rules are intended to further three core goals: competition, diversity and localism. Many who have commented in this proceeding, including at hearings such as this one, express significant concern about increased consolidation and preservation of diversity in the media. And I anticipate hearing more about this from many of you tonight.

Also critical to our review of the media ownership rules is exploring and understanding the competitive realities of today's media marketplace. Many of you here are likely familiar with the changes taking place at your local paper, the Chicago Tribune. You might also know then that some of our rules have not been updated for years and may no longer reflect the current marketplace. Indeed, the Third Circuit recognized this fact when it upheld the Commission's elimination of the newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership ban. It is our task to respond to the court by ensuring that our ownership rules take into account the competitive environment in which media companies operate as well as ensuring we continue to promote localism and diversity.

I would like to return for a moment to the issue of diversity in the media. In order to ensure that the American people have the benefit of a competitive and diverse media marketplace, we need to create more opportunities for different, new and independent voices to be heard. "

Chairman Martin: Yes of course encourage the creation of "... more opportunities for different, new and independent voices to be heard," but for goodness sake, DO NOT ALLOW LOCAL NEWSPAPERS TO FALL INTO THE HANDS OF THE GIGANTIC MEDIA CONGLOMARATES WHO SPEAK WITH ENOUGH INADEQUATE PUBLIC SERVICE VOICES ALREADY!

Norman Horowitz