06/25/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Fear, Fear and More Fear! defines the word fear as:
A distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.

I of course will begin this with something that has nothing at all to do with the "fear" subject at hand in order for me to make a silly parallel with something else which is what in fact I am writing about. (Whew!)

I have been involved in the business of selling entertainment content to people who want to buy entertainment content. This was mostly a simple thing for me to do in that there were willing buyers and I was a willing seller. The art form, if there was one, was to sell the buyer something for as much money as possible, get paid as quickly as possible, for the least use over the shortest period of time as possible for the rights to use the film. Of course we tried to sell the buyer other films that he really didn't want but that is another story. (Whew!)

It was in the middle eighties while running a bunch of things at MGM/UA that I hired Anthony J. Lynn to head our sales activity in the overseas markets.

To set the stage for this I will say that the most powerful films I have ever sold were the James Bonds, a series of twenty movies.

Tony, who had never sold International Television before but was a very smart sales executive, said of himself: "As I start this new job, I know nothing about this business, but since I control the Bond movies, and everybody wants them, all of a sudden, I'll be pretty smart." Boy was he right.

As I watched Newt Gingrich (until I could not tolerate him any longer) on Meet the Press a little while ago I thought of Tony and his selling his most valuable content, the Bonds.

While I intensely dislike Newt from the past, the Republicans have nothing else to sell in that the eight years of Bush/Cheney was a disaster.

I realized that the only thing Gingrich, Cheney and the Republicans have to sell -- which is what they have been selling since 9/11/01 -- is fear, fear, and more fear of terrorist attacks.

I would have liked David Gregory to have asked Newt why now is the time for his "the sky is falling" fear mongering, as well as why he is now suddenly appearing all over television and speaking only about this issue? Please see: (

There are a few other minor issues that Newt can speak to like two ongoing Bush-created wars, unemployment, 50 odd million without health care and a lot more, yet all he has to say is be afraid, be afraid, be afraid.

To his credit he does take time out to attack Nancy Pelosi from time to time because she blamed the CIA for lying. Can you imagine that the CIA lied? This did give him the opportunity to say in a different context, be afraid, be afraid, be afraid, and be even more afraid.

Terrorism has always been around and it will always be around, and while it takes a concerted dedicated effort to control it as best as possible, I would think the Obama administration is just as capable of dealing with it as the Bush/Cheney people.

Bush sadly did take America into a war in Iraq. He acted, in my opinion, in a duplicitous way, and what he did was criminal. He took us to war in order to satisfy something inside of him and we will never know what that was.

War does "sell better" than "let's fight these criminals who wish to harm us!"

Terrorism is a real threat and the Obama administration hopefully will deal with it vigorously, but in accordance with our Constitution.

Gingrich and Cheney will try to frighten America in that they have nothing else to sell to us and sadly they do not have a Republican economic success story to sell to America.

Tony Lynn had the Bonds to sell, and these Republicans are now and have been selling us on Terrorism, and they are the only ones who can keep us safe.

The electronic media must not sit by and let Cheney/Gingrich sell America fear because these Republicans have nothing constructive to say about anything.

Ask them about other things like the economy, our standing in the world, dealing with Cuba, Iran etc. It becomes very quiet.

Dick Cheney continues to tell America that we all need to be afraid, and certainly with Obama as President that they need to more afraid then ever. It is also refreshing to know that Cheney's daughter agrees with him.

Aint all of this is just absolutely grand?

Just remember, that when you get into bed tonight, before you shut out the light, that you should look under your bed in that President Obama has probably invited a terrorist to sleep there.

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