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Isadore Goldfarb

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Goldfarb dies at 96.

The Rabbi who will conduct the service for him speaks to members of his family in order to determine what his life was about. After speaking to all of the available relatives, he is concerned in that not one of them has said a single good thing about him.

The Rabbi realizes that he must do a eulogy for Goldfarb and he wonders what he will say when the time comes to do this part of the service. Obviously a religious man, the Rabbi thinks that at the proper moment, the Lord will assist him and everything will be okay.

The time arrives, hundreds wait in anticipation for the eulogy and the Rabbi starts: "Isadore Goldfarb, lived among us for 96 years, and what can one say about Isadore Goldfarb?"

He pauses to give God a moment to whisper to him and nothing happens. He repeats, "What can one say about Isadore Goldfarb?" and once again silence from God. After an awkward moment, from the back of the Synagogue someone shouts in answer "his brother was worse!"

I heard a woman being interviewed in Virginia who said that she was voting for McCain. When asked why she replied that she was concerned about what Obama would do to the country were he to be elected...

It is difficult for me to conjure a scenario that could have Obama harm this country in ways comparable to Bush's eight years.

I can imagine someone asking an old Jewish Floridian about Jeb Bush and the person replies "his brother was worse."

-- Norman Horowitz