09/21/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

The 71 year old woman I love has Ocular Melanoma with metastasis. This was diagnosed seven months ago as terminal cancer.

She relies on Medicare and a supplement to pay for her care, and she has responded well to the treatment she has received from the dedicated health care professionals at Cedars Sinai Hospital. Her treatment to date has cost a couple of hundred thousand dollars.

As a result of her treatments she has continued to be a functioning person, mother to her children, grandmother to her grandchildren, sister to her brother, friend to her friends, and a loving companion to me.

What would have become of her if she had no insurance? While I am not sure, I expect that she would no longer be with us.

I am of the opinion that the administration is trying to do a good thing by changing systems "in" health care that does not work for so many of us.

I am not thrilled that so many in the health care and pharmaceutical businesses are and have been contributing so much to so few with their campaign contributions and horrid advertising. I am also of the opinion that those with "vested interests" in retaining the status quo will do almost anything to see that nothing changes.

Our health care system is in crisis, but not for the people who are able to afford first class coverage.

Knowing that to be true, where have all these legislators who object to an attempt by our President to provide some form of health care to all Americans been hiding all these years? Why have they not been trying to find a solution to an obvious problem?

How, where, and to whom were they complaining about the flawed health care system we presently have? Why were they not attempting to repair it?

I wonder most of all about those almost fifty odd million people who have no health insurance at all.

I wonder about every person who lost their health insurance. I wonder about every person who has been turned down for insurance coverage because of a pre-existing condition. I wonder about every person who has been priced out of coverage that they need. I wonder about those who had to decide between buying food and buying medicines that they need. I wonder about those who have had to deal with insurance companies in the midst of a medical crisis. I have been fortunate to have received health care:
  • Because my parents paid for it.
  • Because the United States Air Force paid for it (those Socialists).
  • Because Columbia Pictures (twice), CBS, Polygram, and MGM paid for it.
  • Because Medicare paid for it (those Socialists).
I am also thrilled to learn how these great Americans who are health insurance company executivesAlways remember when reading this that Socialism is looming everywhere! I have even read that the Feds are planning to take over health care in the Military, the VA, and Medicare.

I would assume that without pressure from those with vested interests in health care, a reasonable bill can be written.

This could happen someday. But not here. Not now.

Where will it end?
When will it end?

The next thing you know the Feds will be regulating the Airlines.

Horowitz, the Red