Long Live the Media's Left Wing Bias!

12/18/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Norman Horowitz Senior executive with almost 50 years of diverse media experience

It had been a difficult time for me since the Election in that my blood pressure had returned to near normal. I was happy to reduce my meds, but only for a while.

The following "message" was sent to me by a Right wing friend, and needless to say, my lowered blood pressure decided to rise once more.

What was sent follows directly, and after that are a few of my comments. I am unable to reproduce the photos that were included in the original message.

"This was the largest re-enlistment ceremony ever held in military history. The ceremony was held on the 4th of July, 2008 at Al Faw Palace, Baghdad, Iraq... General David Petraeus officiated. This amazing story was ignored by the 'mainstream' media.

For those who have been in the Al Faw Palace, you'll have a better appreciation of the number of people crammed around the rotunda supporting the re-enlisting soldiers.

American men and women volunteering to stay longer in Iraq, so that when we leave, the new democracy will have a chance of surviving, is the exact opposite of what the media wants you to think about Iraq. If only a bomb had killed 5 civilians in a marketplace -- now that's the kind of news the media is eager to tell you about.

A pizzeria in Chicago donated 2000 pizzas that were made and shipped to Baghdad, and were delivered on the 4th.

The media did report that 2000 pizzas were sent to Iraq on July 4th... The only part they left out of the report was the event for which the pizzas were sent.

I can't help but wonder what would the opinion of Americans be if they weren't getting such obviously biased 'news?'

Pass this on and we will do the work for the Media

Largest Re-enlistment Ceremony -- ever.
I'm sure you already know about this. It was shown over and over on TV, right?
OK, so maybe it wasn't shown over and over, but surely it was shown on TV at least one time, wasn't it?"

Sorry again that the pictured didn't reproduce.

Dear xxxx

Once again I just loved what you sent me.
It reaffirms that all of the people who own newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television stations, and television networks sit around and have a "let us show our left wing bias by not reporting on the undoubtedly staged re-enlistment ceremony moment."

Those liberals are everywhere and if only Joe McCarthy was around, he would show 'em. I admire those commies at News Corp, GE, Disney, etc and their ability to stifle stuff like this and not play the details over and over again.

Had this staged event been "news," which in my humble opinion it wasn't, perhaps it would have been reported. It was a staged event for goodness sake and not news!

Would anyone who was ever in the military wonder how this massive re-enlistment ceremony was organized? Do you know how much effort went into this self-serving moment? Did it happen by accident and a photographer happened upon it and took pictures?

Please forgive me but: No, it wasn't something that just happened, it was f.....g staged. Like it or not, it was not news in any way. The best I could say about it is that it was "Military Propaganda."

In any event the media cares about one thing only, and that is making money. The media people from the left and right do have a nose for propaganda and if they did notice it, and I would be surprised if the Army didn't send the pictures and tapes to all of the news organizations.

As a rude and "tongue in cheek comment" I would offer the following snide sentence.

I am proud of ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC for their numerous anti-war documentaries that they have played in prime time that prove their left wing bias.

Simple isn't it?

When I was at CBS and working with the News guys, they spent hours each day planning to distort the news and never show America anything that they did not like! Boy was that fun. Nice to see that nothing has changed with the passage of time.

It is interesting how all of the left wing print media stifled this "ceremony" as well. It is amazing how complete the liberal bias was in this instance that I have never seen this obviously newsworthy story reported anywhere! Boy, these Commies are good at what they do.


The Red!