05/20/2009 06:30 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Miss Otis Regrets

Through the magic of the internet I recently received the following:

Hello Friends,

Attached is an invitation to the 1st Annual U.S. Senator Feinstein's Los Angeles District Office Open House. Although the Senator is in DC and will not be able to join us, this is a great opportunity to visit our office and meet the Los Angeles staff in an informal setting. Please see attachment for further details.

We look forward to seeing you all!

" the Los Angeles staff in an informal setting?" Why in heavens name would I want to do that?

I faced a tough decision in that I was unsure if I should laugh or cry at the invitation.

It did however bring back memories from the mid eighties.

I worked at MGM and while I was reviewing the files of a recently departed senior sales executive I came across a file copy of a letter that he had sent.

He had written to Sylvio Berlusconi, who at the time owned a gigantic Italian Television Network, thanking him for the wonderful dinner party at his home in Milan a couple of weeks earlier.

He began by thanking Sylvio for the house warming gift sent to this executive's new Beverly Hills home.

It was a warm and fuzzy letter.

He closed by saying that he was so very sorry that Sylvio was unable to attend the dinner party himself, as it would have been all the more memorable.

The Feinstein's staff invitation reminded me of the Berlusconi dinner.

In my rsvp to the Feinstein staff I facetiously replied that

If Sylvio Berlusconi was there on the 13th, that I will be there as well.

I expect that the staff people are still trying to figure it out.

Norman Horowitz

I forgot to mention that they had added to the invitiation that "Parking would be provided"