03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

News as defined by is the presentation of a report on recent or new events [intelligence; information] in a newspaper or other periodical or on radio or television.

In my rarely ever humble opinion, the use of the word to describe those few moments dedicated to what ABC, CBS, and NBC call news is more or less a sham, as is almost everything carried on those cable channels purportedly in the news delivery business. Disguised and sold as news, virtually everything on cable news channels is simply programming.

This will be arguable for many, but not for me.

In my opinion, those purportedly delivering news on CNN, MSNBC, and FNC are all the same. They position themselves as journalists and deliver a small bit of headline stuff. Programs are designed to draw as large an audience as possible to be sold to an advertiser for as much money as possible. I have no problem with this other than how they say they are delivering news, when they are and have been the forerunners of the quintessential reality show!

There has recently been a "dust up" between the White House and the cable entity that sells itself as Fox News.

Had the White House been critical of the Cartoon Network, okay, this would be a bad thing, but being critical of the News Corp cable network pretending to be in the news business is quite another thing.

Fox senior vice president Michael Clemente responded to the criticism by saying: "It's astounding the White House cannot distinguish between news and opinion programming. It seems self serving on their part." I wonder if senior vice president Clemente or people at Fox can distinguish between the two types of programming themselves.

That great newsperson and journalist Glenn Beck compared the White House partisanship to when Richard Nixon attacked the press when the White House began compiling an enemies list.

What happened is not exactly the same as the White House attacking the New York Times, Washington Post, etc. Just because Fox calls itself a "news network" does not make it immune from criticism from the White House, the Catholic Church, or the Board of Rabbis.

Fox News has little to do with news. They are almost all opinion almost all the time.

I would be pleased to have FNC, CNN, and MSNBC identify much of what they do as "opinion" or just "programming" yet they never do that.

MSNBC has little to do with news. They are almost all opinion almost all of the time.

CNN has little to do with news. They are almost all opinion almost all of the time.

Glenn Beck is not a journalist or a news reporter.

Keith Olbermann reports not as a journalist or news reporter.

Wolf Blitzer reports not as a journalist or news reporter.

All of these guys in my opinion entertain an audience because that is the business they are in.

"THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT" -- nothing more!

Fair and Balanced

Norman Horowitz