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Consistent with my latest penchant of "prowling" through I quote a part of their definition for "obscene." "Repulsive; disgusting: abominable"

What follows other then quotes will be my opinion about "things" are not necessarily correct nor are they necessarily incorrect.

I recently had a discussion with a friend about "evolution" and he strongly believed in "creationism." When he told me that evolution was just a theory, my unfair rejoinder to him was "and so is gravity, but try jumping out of a tenth floor window if you want to have a demonstration of the theory."

As usual, I digress.

From today's NY Times:
"The Senate voted on Monday to preserve current restrictions on the importing of lower-cost prescription drugs from Canada and other countries, fearing that such imports could pose risks to consumers, even with new safeguards."

As an asthmatic, I purchase the more expensive stuff I use when I visit my daughter in Paris. I started taking Advair and it costs over $300 here and about $80 in France. The inhaled broncho dilators I use did cost $60 in America and $6 in France.

Do you wonder about the Drug Lobby, and its pernicious behavior? Here it is.

That is OBSCENE!

From today's NY Times:

"The White House was decorated to perfection for an exclusive white-tie dinner on Monday evening, with President Bush and the first lady... with the Queen of England..."
I somehow think that if I were bearing arms somewhere in Iraq that I would wonder if this stuff was a bit much to be going on while we are a nation at war.

I do not know exactly why this saddens me as much as it does. It is somehow that the President is "celebrating" the presence of the Queen of England," in an outlandish way as our sons and daughters, husbands and wives are in harms way.

That is OBSCENE!

From today's NY Times:

"Medicare Privatization Abuses:

It seems that outrageously high government subsidies aren't enough to satisfy the private plans that participate in Medicare. Some of these Medicare Advantage plans have been caught using hard-sell tactics to pressure elderly Americans into signing up for policies that may leave them worse off than they would be with traditional Medicare coverage. The unscrupulous sales pressure is one more argument for removing the subsidies that are the only crutch allowing many of these plans to survive."

I have thought for the longest time that if you turned federal programs over to the private sector that all of these problems would be eliminated. Sadly, not true. Who exactly are the "good guys?"
That is OBSCENE!

Can society, the government or the private sector EVER make it better, or is it inevitable that we are in a "Sweeny Todd" world that involves "who is eaten and who gets to eat?"

Norman Horowitz
Still trying to overturn the law of gravity