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Who Can You Trust if You Can't Trust AT&T

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This is short, and not too sweet, and tells a lot about why this is no longer our constitutional America.

I called my telephone provider. (AT&T) a few minutes ago, and after going through the usual "press one for English, and the menu of stuff that did not apply to what I wanted anyway.

At long last I was connected to a nice man who was going to help me. The last thing the prerecorded voice said was something like "in order to serve you better, at times we will record your conversation for training purposes, but if you do not want this to happen, please advise the person you will be connected to, and we will not record your conversation."

Being a sick human being, I told the AT&T service person that I didn't mind if his company was going to monitor my call, but could he assure me that the Feds were not listening in and recording what we said.

The AT&T guy is probably still laughing, but it isn't funny at all.

It is still not possible to understand how all of this stuff could happen HERE.

Venezuela, Russia, Saudi Arabia, OK. But how can this happen in our United States?

Not possible.

Norman Horowitz