10/03/2013 06:02 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Bless You, Our Elected Officials, Steve King and Michele Bachmann

Don't you just LOVE when you see a Congressman and a Congresswoman with their heads on straight? Bless you, our elected officials Steve King and Michele Bachmann.

It doesn't trouble them publicly that, as a result of the government shut down, thousands of airline inspectors are off the job. They don't decry the fact that nutrition assistance for women, infants and children has been wound down. We don't know them to be pained that sexual assault investigations are on hold and food safety inspections are suspended and NASA is grounded?!

But, oh my God, did we hear from them when they shut down the World War II Memorial and members of WWII veterans' families couldn't get in!! FINALLY there was something Reps. King and Bachmann could stand up to. And they did. And they got their pictures taken -- with their flag pins.

I'm a WWII veteran myself. I like that the men and women who served alongside me can visit the monument in their honor. But maybe a better tribute from our Tea Party politicians would be to step away from the cameras for a few minutes and end this shutdown that they themselves created.

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