01/25/2007 01:59 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I Must Confess

First lesson: You must read the Huffington Post at least daily.
Preferably, for your own sense of truthiness and stableness, several
times a day. Re the Mastergate/Norman Lear/Larry Gelbart mix and
, I'd have cleared this up for so many of you days ago had I
been taking my own advice. But now that I finally happened on the
scene, let me confess: I was indeed prescient many years before
Mastergate when I saw the film, Tootsie, and the TV show, Mash, and
thought to myself of Gelbart, "One day that man will be writing
comedy. And with a social conscience, too." So while, dear Huffpost
readers, Mastergate is solely a product of Gelbart's genius, boy
oh boy am I proud of my prescience!