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It Will Take the Left to Right This Ship

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There is an element missing in the Democrat/Liberal/Progressive, you name it, response to the mind bending breakdown of everything -- the current administration, tearing at the seams; American leadership's inability to win a war against insurgents, despite its unquestionably superior might; it's utter failure to properly care for the injured soldiers returning from that war; the admittedly pitiful state of health care in America; ditto education; the sinking of America's middle class as their personal and their country's debt rises; the brutal attack by government, our government, on the civil rights and liberties enshrined in our constitution; the heartbreaking fall from grace in the eyes of the world of the most coveted and respected nation on earth. And on and on...

This blog began: "There is an element missing in the "Democrat/Liberal/Progressive, you name it, response to the mind bending breakdown of everything" we see around us. That missing element is the angst and the anger, the fierceness and the desperation, that comes only when we finally awaken and see the truth: Our country, our way of life is disappearing before our eyes!!

The extreme right, the ultra-conservatives, neo-cons, call them what you may, saw our national scenario in that light from their standpoint 25 years ago. They were losing the America they believed in to the libs and the evolutionists; the gays, and the humanists; the coastal elites and the femi-nazis. I think they saw it correctly. Progressive thought was on the march. Well, on the crawl, anyway. Glacier-like, perhaps, America was becoming more inclusive, more tolerant, more progressive, more humanistic -- and it frightened the shit out of them! Their way of life was threatened and they had a country to save. Fiercely, with favor toward none, they went about saving it. They declared war on the left, while successfully branding everything not right of center as the devil -- and, bless them, Americans all, look at the heights they have reached in a relatively short period of time..

I'm close now to making my point.

It's obvious that I speak from the left. (Actually I think of myself as a bleeding heart conservative, but that is another story. I've been successfully branded and I speak from the left.) So this is my observation: We lefties, we Democrat/Liberal/Progressives, do not yet get it. With all that is going on, unbelievably, the shit has yet to be scared out of us. We have not yet accepted that our way of life is seriously threatened -- and that we have a country to save. We are mired in what will "they" think? They've succeeded in making us feel weak where we're strong and doubters simply because we apply reason.

It will take the left to right this ship of state. That won't happen until we lefties get it. We get it, and fiercely, unapologetically, declare ourselves, to save our country and our asses.