06/25/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Who Needs Republicans With Democrats Like This

"Oh, my God!" any media brainwashed American TV viewer might exclaim today when they see a grown up, a certified adult, let alone an adult so many other adults elected to represent them in the United States Senate, say something so inane!

Senator Ben Nelson, Democrat of Nebraska, we learn, might vote to join a Republican filibuster if President Obama's nominee to the Supreme Court is an activist judge. What is an activist judge? Best one can tell, an activist judge is a judge who Ben Nelson declares to be an activist judge. Mr. Nelson reminds us he is the author of the deathless phrase, "extraordinary circumstances," as it applies to Supreme Court nominees, and that he might very well agree to filibuster were such "extraordinary circumstances" found in the next appointee.

It follows that no two sets of "extraordinary circumstances" could be alike because the more nominees to whom the phrase might apply, the less extraordinary the circumstances. So "Oh, my God!" could have some real meaning if extraordinary c's are discovered in President Obama's nominee. Because if not God, who else could look not just into the records of potential Supreme Court appointees, but into their hearts and minds in the future of their long years on the highest bench in the land, and see the extraordinary circumstances lurking there that should demand their nominations be challenged by a Republican filibuster? Senator Nelson, of course. Oh, my God!