Kings of Beirut Fashion & Queens of the Red Carpet

03/21/2013 02:19 pm ET | Updated May 21, 2013

Sculpting designs fit for any upcoming red carpet event or glam movie star, Zuhair Murad & Dany Tabet have created exquisite gowns that are the perfect look for some of our favorite red carpet gals: Jennifer Anniston and Halle Berry. Take a quick look. You be the judge.

-Nova Lorraine, Editor in Chief of Raine Magazine

Some men really know how to dress women. Maybe it's because they are admirers of beauty and the female form that they can simply visualize the necessary components to create exquisitely elegant clothing, or perhaps they simply like textiles and design enough to figure out which would be the most flattering. Regardless, two such men, Zuhair Murad and Dany Tabet, know what they're doing.

Dany Tabet by Paul Newland.PBN_7503
Dany Tabet by Paul Newland for

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Dany Tabet by Paul Newland for

If Murad is an established name in the fashion world, Tabet is only now hitting the big time; his AISHA x ARTINI collection at Nolcha Fashion Week 2013 was truly quite impressive! Each detail was carefully conceived and implemented; every breathtaking design was brought to life through the vigorous planning and vivid imagination of its creator. Dany Tabet is incredibly talented, and his work was truly a spectacle to behold.

Dany Tabet by Paul Newland.PBN_7269
Dany Tabet by Paul Newland for

Dany Tabet by Paul Newland.PBN_7720
Dany Tabet by Paul Newland for

Despite the fact that Tabet is a rising star in the fashion world, deserving of praise and recognition in his own right, there is a light but certain resemblance in his work to that of Zuhair Murad. No, it's not because they are both originally from Beirut, and not because they both styled darlings of the pageant world, but because there is an innate legacy in both their works that seems to stem from some common point of origin.

Dany Tabet by Paul Newland.PBN_7574
Dany Tabet by Paul Newland for

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Dany Tabet by Paul Newland for

Their 2013 spring and summer haute couture collections trigger thoughts of upper class women of the Persian dynasties. They are majestic and regal, commanding of attention, but primarily and most importantly, our respect and admiration. They do not seek to overwhelm the women wearing them, rather they highlight their best attributes and distract from anything other, which some may argue, is the highest form of high fashion.

Zuhair Murad with Supermodel Karolina Kurkova courtesy Associated Press

By Liz Belilovskaya, Staff Writer for Raine Magazine

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