02/28/2008 04:02 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

DNC Oklahoma Superdelegates

HuffPost's OffTheBus members produced these superdelegate profiles as part of its Superdelegate Investigation. You can find all profiles here.


Ivan Holmes

Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair


Basic Bio
* B.A. Journalism, Oklahoma State University
* M.S. Administration, Oklahoma State University
* Ph.D. Journalism, Tulsa University
* Past Communications Director, Oklahoma Department of Labor
* Former Campaign Manager for Labor Commissioner Lloyd Fields
* Former OSU Board of Regents member appointed by Gov. David Boren
* Former member of the Oklahoma Crime Commission
* Oklahoma Commissioner to Education Commission of the States
* Former Head of Journalism Department at Northeastern Oklahoma State University
* Athletic Marketing Director Southern Methodist University under Forrest Gregg
* Awarded Parriott fellowship for graduate study at the University of Tulsa
* Articles published in the New York Times, Journalism Educator, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Columbia Journalism Review, Public Relations Quarterly, and Editor and Publisher
* Past President Community Health Charities of Oklahoma
* Past Board President of the Lupus Foundation of Oklahoma and Past Board member of the National Lupus Association

Political interests and issues
* Addressing the needs of military members and veterans
* Health care for Native Americans
* Health care for children

Involvement in the Democratic Party
* Elected Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair at the State Party Convention in 2007
* Was able to overcome much turmoil within the Oklahoma Democrat Party and lead it out of debt,,

Pledged Status
* Plans to remain uncommitted until the convention to have "a little bit more clout"
* Has not "heard from anyone high in the Obama campaign" but has been contacted by the Clinton campaign,
* Top priority is getting OK Democrats elected to Congress and he says he will base his vote on who will best be able to help

Involvement in the 2008 Election
* "When President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act in 1965, he called right to vote the 'basic right without which all others are meaningless.' But 42 years after the signing of this legislation, the right to vote is still under assault. Oklahoma Democrats will not rest until every single eligible Oklahoman can register to vote, cast their ballot without fear of intimidation or harassment, and have confidence that their vote will be counted fairly and accurately."
* Pledged to go to each of the state's 77 counties to help recruit candidates for every state House and Senate race

Previous Campaign Work
* NE Oklahoma campaign coordinator for David Boren for Governor
* NE Oklahoma campaign coordinator for Andy Coats for Senate

This profile was produced through HuffPost's OffTheBus Superdelegate Investigation. All profiles will be donated to the Superdelegate Transparency Project. If you have information that should be added to this profile, please join the Superdelegate Transparency Project and update the profile there.


Mike Morgan

Oklahoma State Senate


Basic Bio
* Born in 1955 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Morgan was educated in the Tulsa Public School System.
* Earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Oklahoma State University and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Tulsa.
* Prior to service in the legislature, was Municipal Judge for the City of Stillwater, serving in that position for 12 years.
* Has also been an adjunct professor of business law at Oklahoma State University.
* Re-elected to his third term in the Oklahoma State Senate in November, 2004.
* Senator Morgan served as Senate Appropriations Chair before being elected Senate President Pro Tempore in March, 2005.
* Due to term limits placed on him by the Oklahoma Constitution, Morgan is unable to seek reelection in 2008.
* Has an active law practice in his hometown of Stillwater. He conducts a general civil practice specializing in commercial transactions and real property.
* Interests outside the Capitol include golf, running, and spending time with his daughter, Abby.

Political interests and issues
* Housing Bonds, possibly inappropriately..."The federal investigation into Gene Stipe and his alleged corruption in SE Oklahoma just keeps growing, with Senate Co-President Pro-Tem Mike Morgan now coming under fire.A Sunday story by the Oklahoman shows some Oklahoma colleges used non-traditional private financing to build housing projects, and students at several Oklahoma colleges are paying higher housing costs because of it. Morgan, who's a Stillwater attorney, was paid more than $230,000 as the acting attorney on some of the projects...all in his Senate district."

Involvement in the Democratic Party
* Morgan, a three-term state senator from Stillwater, is vice chairman of the DLCC (Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee), a party organization devoted to electing Democrats to legislatures.

Pledged Status
* "That gives Oklahoma 10 superdelegates, eight of whom are uncommitted." (3/6/2008) "The committed superdelegates are Kitti Asberry of Oklahoma City (Obama) and Betty McEldery of Purcell (Clinton)." (Comment, Ibid)
* The senator said he is "as uncommitted as anyone can be" as a superdelegate.
* Morgan was a strong backer of John Edwards, who has dropped out of the race. (3/6/2008)
* "I do not feel obligated to vote as Oklahoma did, since my position is as a result of my involvement in the national party," Morgan said. "I'll have to look at what's good for the party as a whole. And, because I've spent so much time trying to get Democrats elected to the Legislature, I'll have to consider how the nomination will affect the (bottom of the ballot). (3/7/2008)

Involvement in the 2008 Election
* Edwards is the first Democratic presidential candidate to visit Oklahoma this year, and has won the endorsement of dozens of Oklahoma state legislators, including the highest-ranking Democrats in the Oklahoma State House and Senate - Oklahoma Senate President Pro-Tem Mike Morgan and Oklahoma House Democratic Leader Danny Morgan.

Contributions to Candidates
* $10,000 to the DNC in 2004,

Connections to Politicians, Leaders on State Level
* After his term as a judge, he went straight into the State legislature.

This profile was produced through HuffPost's OffTheBus Superdelegate Investigation. All profiles will be donated to the Superdelegate Transparency Project. If you have information that should be added to this profile, please join the Superdelegate Transparency Project and update the profile there.