03/28/2008 02:47 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hillary Says Obama's Kindergarten Essay Proof Of A Character Deficiency

Will Kindergate bring down Obama's campaign? Rudy sings "there'll be pie in the sky by and by." Kucinich storms Congress for his Peace Department.

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Hillary says Obama's kindergarten essay shows he's lying: On its Fact Hub web page, the Clinton campaign's crack team of fact-checkers pointed to a January AP report that they claim refutes Obama's recent assertion that he hasn't been planning to run for president for as long as "some other candidates." Obama's 63-year-old kindergarten teacher is quoted as saying she remembered an essay he wrote, titled "I Want To Become President." Could this revelation by a Deep Throat kindergarten teacher be the beginning of Kindergate?

Richardson dons his bib overalls: Bill Richardson dished out his farm plan to Iowa farmers last Tuesday, along with some home-spun advice for his Democratic opponents. "Let's keep the mud where it belongs. We cannot build America up by tearing each other down," Richardson said. As they say on the farm, "The more corn in a speech, the more mud on the ground."

Rudy promises pie in the sky: In a speech at the University of New Hampshire Saturday, Rudy Giuliani claimed his economic policies would create "a society where you can look up to the sky and there can be a chance for you to have success." Democrats want to penalize success, he added, "putting a lid on it so you can't look up at the sky anymore." And we thought greenhouse gases were doing that.

Kucinich calls for peace through harassment: To promote his demand for the creation of a Department of Peace, Dennis is asking supporters to "join our national action to Call for a Department of Peace. We're calling EVERY member of the House of Representatives EVERY thirty minutes from Monday, December 3 through Friday, December 7, 2007." That should put the members in a peaceful mood.

Obama seeks qualified snitches: Barack has cranked up the heat on the Clinton machine with a new website attacking Hillary for--you got it--attacking Obama. Obama campaign manager David Plouffe asked supporters yesterday to "be vigilant and notify us immediately of any attacks from Senator Clinton or her supporters as soon as you see them so that we can respond with the truth swiftly and forcefully." Hold onto your light sabers, folks. The Droids may soon be marching in.

Huckabee's divine intervention: During a Liberty University convocation service on Wednesday, Huckabee said Divine providence was responsible for his recent surge in the polls in Iowa, noting that he's the candidate who's spent much less on his campaign than his rivals. Will he continue to be blessed by the deity after Romney pulls back the curtain on his Mormon faith Thursday?


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