Roadkill: OffTheBus's Ongoing RoundUp of the Awkward

05/25/2011 12:15 pm ET


The following piece was produced through the Huffington Post's OffTheBus. Edited by Richard Riehl and Denise Wheeler. Reported by Kirsten Anderson, River Curtis-Stanley, Jodi Lampert, Julie Pierce, and Debbi Plummer.

Mitt combines fundraising with friendmaking: The Romney campaign has launched TMAC (TeamMittActionCenter), an online social networking platform that shares features common to popular social networks like Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn." A great way to make friends and enemies simultaneously!

The no-surrender candidate makes his mother cry: John McCain brought his mother along with him to a campaign stop to prove he has the genes to be young enough to be president. "I am so happy to be here. I think I'm going to cry," 95-year-old Roberta McCain said as she introduced her son at a retirement community in Columbia, S.C. Looks like wives and sons aren't the only family members candidates can exploit.

Obama's having a donation sale: On Tuesday Obama explained in an email to supporters, "The situation here is simple. "We are $2.1 million behind Hillary Clinton in our fundraising. I need you to make a donation of $100." Two days later he Blackberried: "Let's close the rest of that gap now. Please make a donation of $25."

Hillary's rock n roll blues: A former member of the band, Jesus Jones, says Hillary Clinton considered using their big hit, "Right Here, Right Now," as her campaign theme, six years after Bill had done the same. . "I get the feeling," Iain Baker said, "that they've only got a couple of CDs in their car; ours and Fleetwood Mac."

The elephants aren't the only ones with big ears: In a speech in Iowa last week Barack Obama confessed, "I get confused sometimes when people say, 'Well, he doesn't have enough experience.' ... Sometimes I think maybe it's just because I look young. I've got these big ears. I look like Opie."

Will he give the candidate rural cred?: John Edwards recruited former Georgia Congressman Ben Jones to campaign for him. Jones is better known as "Cooter," the dimwitted mechanic from the hit 70s show, "The Dukes of Hazzard." Let's give a polite rebel yell for Edwards, but we think at least one segment of the voting population might be more interested if someone else from the show had been tapped. Like Daisy Duke.

Huckabee...or HULKabee?: The Hucksters say that Huckamania is running wild! Check out their new picture of the ex-gov and decide for yourself if you've caught the Huck Fever.

Play it again Sam: Dear Sam Brownback: We here at Roadkill are sorry to see you go. It's hard on us because we cannot afford to lose the unintentional comedy each candidate so generously provides. We will miss your "Daily Brownbacker" email. We will miss the way you glare at Huckabee during the debates. We will miss the way we can never quite remember your position on anything other than abortion, families and the American dream. We will miss you because you do not force your children to blog charmlessly on your behalf. We will miss the way you never fail to mention Joe Biden, your Democratic compadre in flatlining campaigns, whenever you talk about your plans for Iraq. And most of all, we will miss your folksiness. See you in Topeka, Sam. That Huckabee 08 t-shirt is in the mail.