10/12/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Send Us Sleaze And Smears

We want to see all the sleaze that's now showing up in your mailbox. You know, those fliers, leaflets or emails that slime one or the other presidential candidates as a baby killer, a sex fiend, a serial tax raiser, or as a pantywaist coddler of terrorists or commies.

Simply put on some gloves, hold your nose, scan the sleaze and then email or fax us the copies of these specimens of American political mailings. After we get it, we'll put it online at OffTheBus, HuffPost's citizen-produced presidential campaign news site, for everyone to see and pick apart. We are not just looking for emails! We're looking for pieces sent as supplements in newspapers or direct mail (in the guise of organizational letters, personal notes, etc.). Make sure to include a couple of lines telling us when you got it and who sent it to you.

Start sending us your sleaze right away. Here's how:

* EMAILS: Forward emails to specialops AT

* PAPER MAIL: You can photograph (use digital camera) or scan the offending materials. MAKE SURE to write a quick paragraph telling us when you got it, who sent it, and any other information you about the mailing. Send everything to specialops AT

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