06/25/2010 12:42 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Client Number Nine, Spitzer, and Second Chances

We can all agree that America is a place for second chances, for some politicians. That is unless you cheat on your wife, make a sex tape, father a child, and keep it a secret, all while said wife is ill with cancer and you are running for the Presidency of the United States of America. Let's just go ahead and add an addendum -- you get second chances as a politician only when your predicament is not rife with egregious behavior.

Eliot Spitzer, for all the misdeeds that led to his resignation was a decent governor. Spitzer was a straight-A student borne of a wealthy ilk. He came onto the national stage as the Attorney General of New York State. He was especially notable for pursuing high profile cases concerning pollution, corruption, and ironically prostitution. As governor, Spitzer was an uncompromising reformer who fought for same sex rights and dealt with illegal immigrants.

Now, one should not be swayed as to believe that this is some buttress piece for Spitzer's eventual sordid political past. Spitzer's wasting of taxpayer money and time while canoodling with prostitutes as "Client number nine" was reprehensible and he got what he deserved. However, America has an unspoken rule on forgiveness. In that same breath, there then should be no reason why "Client number nine" would not be given a shot in prime time. And if you don't agree, simply switch your "tube" over to Olberman or O'Reilly.