01/10/2011 05:54 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Don't Politicize Arizona

We cannot allow the acts of a few to shake our nation. Arizona, was not the fault of the right, left, or anywhere in between. In fact, we may never know what truly caused the events of last Saturday. The tragedy in Arizona was despicable, but we cannot overreact or react in a manner unbefitting our free society.

In the last two decades alone, we've seen acts of domestic terrorism in Oklahoma and international attacks in New York. Each time our nation has not only shown resolve by coming together but we have upheld that sense of liberty and justice by expeditiously seeking out reasonable solutions. Let's not devolve into a debate over war and peace but rather consider Americans getting back to work and moving forward.

In the wake of Arizona we have reports that access to our dually elected politicians will be limited. Folks are also questioning second amendment rights, considering that Arizona is one of many right to carry states; meaning they can carry legally obtained guns out in the open. We can not do that here in America.

Yes, the behavior of that deranged young man in Arizona was atrocious and not representative of Arizonans or Americans. One might argue that the shooting was reminiscent of third world countries or an America of years past. Yet we can not overreact by limiting access or questioning Constitutional rights. Congresswoman Gifford was in the process of exercising a right which is tantamount to a free society, meeting with the people who had elected her and taking heed of their grievances.

Though freedom and innocence may have strained we have always met tragedy with resiliency. It's ironic that this event would kick off a year marking the decade anniversary of 9/11. It was not so long ago that we as a nation coalesced around freedom. We didn't point fingers at a particular party. We were simply Americans, lifting each other up under the freedom afforded by our republic. Let's do it again. Do not politicize Arizona.