Liberals Miss the Point

07/21/2010 11:19 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Shirley Sherrod fallout is not a time to point figures at one another for liberals but rather go on the offensive. In case you missed the story while hidden under some cyclopean rock, Sherrod is the United States Department of Agriculture employee who came under fire for a supposed inflammatory speech given to members of the NAACP earlier this year. Immediately, news outlets alongside the USDA and NAACP pounced by excoriating Sherrod; eventually leading to her ouster. However, it was later discovered that Sherrod was wrongly accused and was simply taken out of context. Moreover, Sherrod was exonerated by Roger and Eloise Spooner; her supposed victims. Now, everyone from the right to the left is calling upon the powers that be to reinstate Sherrod. This is quite a heart warming story of redemption and misunderstanding, yet there is an air of ignorance and perplexity that all point to one singular narrative -- the so called liberals have missed the point.

The Sherrod story was given legs via a conservative website and summarily carried out as a legitimate news story by varying news outlets. Conservatives have made it clear that there will be no apologies. Watching the story unfold on the different networks, it was clear that conservatives were all pointing their index finger in one direction; the Obama Administration. But this should not come as a surprise. Conservatives have been able to coalesce around myriad issues with no equivocations. Conversely, liberals have been known to dither while holding large majorities -- health care anyone? The general argument for family feuding and lassitude on key issues for liberals are that there are so many types of liberals. Well excuse me, but last time I checked there were freedom wielding Tea Partiers, right leaning libertarians and independents, moderate republicans, and the like. This is not just an excuse but one would dare to call it tantamount to running away from one's personal responsibilities. While Republicans give brick bats to Obama's agenda each day, one can not help but feel that liberals are acting bat boys; almost masochistic in a sense.

Now, with Shirley Sherrod liberals should be roundly pointing their angst in one direction. However, we've got some folks talking about the faults of the USDA on one hand, and repudiating the NAACP for jumping the gun on the other. One can not help but applaud conservatives. They know how to play the game better than anyone. In fact, if this does not foreshadow what looks like a slight victory in November for liberals then it certainly forebodes misfortune for them in the coming years. Suffice it to say conservatives get it, and liberals miss the point.