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Kalamazoo Turns Out For Santorum Rally: For, Against, And Just Curious

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Over a thousand people showed up for a Rick Santorum rally Monday night at the Heritage Christian Academy, a K-12 private school in Kalamazoo.

The Santorum campaign set up the visit on Saturday hoping to gather 300 people.

Because the room where the rally was held had a capacity of only 400, a couple classrooms were opened to accommodate 150 people. Elizabeth Santorum, eldest daughter of the candidate, conducted a town hall meeting there. About 350 people couldn't get into the building at all, organizers told the crowd. Santorum delayed his appearance on stage in order to greet these people on his way in.

Rally organizer Jack Hoogendyke excited the crowd when he asserted that "the eyes of the nation are on the state.

"Are you ready to make history tomorrow?" he asked rhetorically.

Indeed, the possibility of a Santorum upset is imminent since he comes off more conservative than the other candidates, especially Governor Mitt Romney.

Santorum has been all over Michigan, including the Upper Peninsula, and the electricity he generated tonight may give him the momentum he needs to win here in what is predicted will be a close race.

In his speech, Santorum spent a lot of time focusing on the necessity of following the Constitution and bashing President Obama's entitlement programs, especially "Obamacare." Santorum hardly spoke about Romney, an indicator that he sights a win in Michigan.

Hear what people attending the rally had to say in this video taken last night:

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