05/03/2012 03:24 pm ET | Updated Jul 03, 2012

Please Meditate: Shifting Focus to Trust (VIDEO)

What are we? Are we bodies? Brains? Pure energy? But then what is pure energy? I was having a stimulating conversation with a friend who is not only a mystic, but a highly-regarded scientist. She told me that physicists had proven that sensual reality is real, but the rest of our human reality is mind-made. When the words left her lips, I knew instantly they were relatively true.

If bodies, brains, pasts, futures, and imaginings were lost, but not consciousness, by what means could one navigate the experience of life? It is the focus. Perhaps focus is our single elemental control in perception. Your focus is like the steering wheel of awareness. Regardless of the reality of your life situation, the focus of one's intuitive perception will determine the experience of life.

Through no coincidence, in any meditative practice, what is fundamental is the ability to use your steering wheel, which is focus. Shift your focus, change your life.

Why shift your focus to trust? Within the experience of trust is a beautiful surrender to the flow of life. Within the sensation of trust is the vibrational frequency of love, harmony, safety, and union with the flow of life. To see a flower, and to enjoy a flower, one must only not ignore it, but... see a flower and enjoy it. The same is true of trust. Sometimes all you need is a shift of focus to truly experience the trust that is alive and well all around you.

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