03/28/2008 02:47 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Enviro-Spoof: Am I Allowed to Laugh... A Lot?

Last week, Huffington Post readers had the following conversations in response to the above "Green Team" video:

Balzac posted 12:27 pm on 11/22/2007
Will Ferrell needs to get his as$ kicked for this. What a disservice to environmentalism. Why doesn't he make fun of Blackwater or Republican brown-shirts?
Oh, right. He's from SNL.

T.Roll Reply posted 09:07 pm on 11/22/2007
Bwahaha. Take the pickle out of your as$, funboy.

Balzac posted 12:00 pm on 11/23/2007
That's your fetish, pickle-boy. I don't give rat's as$ what you with your pickles on your own time, but you don't have to share it.

And later . . .

Balzac posted 11:58 am on 11/23/2007
Doesn't matter who you think needs the as$ kicking - if it came down to an as$ kicking contest between you and I, you would quickly beg me not to kick your as$.

rektruax posted 05:51 pm on 11/24/2007
OK tough guy...

T.Roll posted 09:04 pm on 11/24/2007
Balzac will hug your tree, then kick your as$.

Laughter aside, these and other comments have put me in quite the pickle (no pun intended).

I can't help but think the "Green Team" video is hilarious--ok, ok, the beatings, the sexual assault- not funny. But, the ridiculousness of self-righteous wannabe eco-warriors, like myself, that's quite funny. Huffpo and environmental brethren, Balzac, however, makes me wonder, "Am I allowed to laugh?" And, "Is Will Ferrell's film really doing a 'disservice' to environmentalism?"

I'd have to say no. Rather, I'd have to say that I believe the "Green Team" video is doing a service to environmentalism. For one, the short offers some helpful tips. Humor is an excellent memory tool and what better way to remember to unplug your cell charger than through some sophomoric rambling from comedian Adam Mckay?

The short also invites some important questions--ones we can all learn from. For example, "how can environmentalists educate without being preachy?" "How can an eco-activist be correct without being righteous?" "How can one, 'be green,' without losing friends and alienating him or herself?" Or, "How can I avoid pissing the cabbie off when I ask him to stop idling his car?"

Environmentalists can be really--no, incredibly--annoying, not to mention self-righteous and hypocritical. I know because I'm incredibly annoying, and I'm not even a real die-hard environmentalist. Either way, the future of the world rests on them, or at least those who care enough to lead the charge. Of course we shouldn't deter do-gooders, but a little humor never hurt anyone.

And what's the big deal? "Making love to Mother Earth . . . literally," sounds pretty great. Who's down?

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