06/17/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

It's About Time! Isn't It?!

I must admit, I'm pretty excited--no, I'm thrilled! Arianna's decision to designate an entire section to environmentalism speaks volumes not only for her personal priorities, but also the priorities of the Huffington Post's readership. Just as Arianna recently stated in her HuffPost Green kick-off post, it's clear you value environmentalism. You care about the state of our planet. You want the suggestions and solutions for a sustainable future.

So here we are. You asked for it, you got it: an entire section devoted to green.

And perhaps "section" is an understatement. With content from TreeHugger, Planet Green and The Huffington Post, HuffPost Green is a virtual library of the most pressing global matters affecting our planet today. Together we will bring you every issue from climate change to conservation, the latest in environmental legislation and the best in green living.

We'll also get down to green business with advice on sustainable investing, updates on environmental business ventures and a plethora of sustainable solutions for rising gas prices and decreasing food reserves.

And as carbon stats continue to get us down and gas prices remain depressing, we'll provide some much needed inspiration with stories of environmental heroism, or the occasional paparazzi shot of celebrity greening.

But HuffPost Green doesn't stop there. Featuring such renowned leaders as Majora Carter, Laurie David and Graham Hill, we'll bring you opinion from the forefront of environmental activism. We'll cover it all--renewable energy, green building, recycling and organics--the list goes on and on.

So see what HuffPost Green has to offer. And, most importantly, leave your suggestions and ideas in the comments section below. I can't promise they'll get back to Arianna, but I'll certainly take them into consideration.

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